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September 25, 2023

Preston's Car-Specific Coolant Now Comes In 1-Liter Packaging

Prestone Philippines has added a one-liter variant to its Prestone Car-Specific Coolant with Cor-Guard technology.  A proven and trusted quality of auto care fluids since 1927, the new one-liter SKU widens its reach among car owners, especially those seeking to top up their car’s radiator fluid levels.

“Prestone has a long history of delivering automotive solutions that drivers can rely on, and this latest offering is no exception. We are confident that this innovation will redefine the standards of coolants and engine protection by making it more accessible to more motorists,” Lao said. “This coolant contains Prestone’s most advanced anti-corrosion formula ever created instantly halting corrosion, preventing residue, and deposit build-up in vehicles. It boasts five times greater effectiveness, reinforcing its reputation as a dependable choice for every car owner.”

Like the 4-liter SKU, the Prestone Car-Specific Coolant is available in Red, Blue, and Green color variants. Red is typically for all Toyota and Lexus models; Blue for Honda, Nissan, Subaru; and Green for Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi.

Brand Manager of Prestone Philippines, Jaycel Ortiaga, took center stage to showcase the product to attendees, highlighting the top three reasons why the Car-Specific Coolant 1L is an excellent investment for car owners.

“Firstly, it prioritizes safety, safeguarding your loved ones from potential overheating and car breakdowns. Secondly, it ensures the engine’s longevity as it remains clean and protected from rust, grime and corrosion. Lastly, it provides value for your money by helping the car operate at its optimum level, maximizing fuel efficiency” Ortiaga shared.

The Car-Specific Coolant 1L will be available at a suggested retail price of P 300 per bottle and can be purchased at Prestone’s partner stores and auto-supply shops nationwide, including True Value, Handyman, Ace Hardware, Blade as well as the Clorox Official Stores on Lazada and Shopee.

Prestone strongly urges customers to ensure the authenticity of their purchases by buying from these authorized outlets, thus preventing potential accidents or vehicle damage.

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  1. I believe this contains 2-EHA which is a known plasticizer.


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