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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Subaru Brings Back WRX TR For 2024

Subaru is digging into its history to come up with a new “enthusiast-focused” WRX. Sadly, it’s still not the WRX STI many so desperately want, but it does bring back a nameplate used way back in 2006: the WRX TR.

Standing for “Tuner Ready,” the original WRX TR was a bare bones variant meant for buyers whose WRX were headed straight for the aftermarket treatment. It was priced USD 1,000 cheaper than the standard Rex then, but eliminated things like a fancy radio and leather steering wheel.

Today’s WRX TR is unlikely to follow the same formula. Based on the teaser photo, TR could probably mean, “Track Ready.” The new WRX TR is packing beefy Brembo disc brakes and what look to be gun metallic 9-inch alloy wheels. The same controversial black fender flares and side skirt found on the regular WRX remains, however.

Though Subaru’s yet to reveal any official info, the 2024 WRX TR will likely get the WRX tS’s best bit—the electronically controlled dampers—and marry it to a manual transmission model. The current engine, the motorsports-proven 2.4-liter FA24DIT will likely solider on unchanged for this special WRX variant (honestly though, it could use a bit more power).

All speculation will end though on October 7 when the car makes its global debut.

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