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September 11, 2023

Jetour Auto PH Opens Customer Service Hotline

To further enhance its customer-first efforts, Jetour Auto Philippines has unveiled its new Customer Hotline Assistance service, 0917-5-Jetour.

Kendee, the official Jetour Auto Philippines chatbot will also be present to answer customer inquiries made through the brand’s Facebook Messenger and Instagram social media accounts. Kendee will address key customer inquiries such as: customer support, technical support, and aftersales advisories.

Likewise, Kendee will also reach out to Jetour customers and share information about the brand and its products by sharing contents like: vehicle facts, car care tips, and event schedules.

This creative initiative aims to provide a comprehensive support system for inquisitive customers, who often have many questions about the brand, its vehicles, and services.

As an all-new brand in the Philippine automotive industry, Jetour acknowledges that potential customers have important questions and concerns.

The launch of the Customer Hotline Assistance 0917-5-Jetour is a strategic step to address these inquiries promptly, efficiently, and comprehensively. Addressing the public’s questions about the brand, its products and services is now just a text away with Jetour.

“As a new brand, we understand that curiosity is natural,” shares JAPI Managing Director, Lito Jose. “Our Customer Hotline Assistance 0917-5-Jetour and our new brand mascot, Kendee, are here to ensure that every customer's journey with us is informative as it is enjoyable. We are dedicated to making our customers’ experience with us exceptional as we focus on addressing their concerns in a timely and attentive manner."

The newly introduced Customer Hotline Assistance 0917-5-Jetour offers a range of services to potential and existing Jetour customers. Customers can also reach out through this hotline to inquire about their PMS, service appointment, and even parts availability.

Customer Hotline Assistance 0917-5-Jetour is designed to cater to a wide array of queries and requests, including product inquiry, test drive booking, and service appointment scheduling.

The Customer Hotline Assistance 0917-5-Jetour is accessible Mondays to Fridays from 8 AM to 6 PM. On weekends and holidays, customers can leave a message and they can expect a response on the next business day.

Jetour Auto Philippines encourages both current and potential customers to take advantage of the innovative Customer Hotline Assistance 0917-5-Jetour, assuring them that the Jetour experience is just a phone call away.

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