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October 28, 2020

Second-Hand Prices of the Suzuki Jimny are Going Up

Whether new or used, the all-new Suzuki Jimny is turning into somewhat of an enigma. With dealers low on stock, and demand still remaining high, the diminutive body-on-frame SUV is still commanding a premium over its suggested retail price locally. This is surprising given the slowdown in new car sales resulted in carmakers actually throwing hefty discounts.

In Europe, the Jimny has another claim to fame: as a used car, it’s actually increasing in value.

This was noticed by U.K.-based online market place Auto Trader. They noticed that on average a Suzuki Jimny has seen its value appreciate by 64.5 percent! As of September 2020, the average price of a Jimny there is £12,287 (P 775,146) compared to £7,468 (P 471,131) in September 2019.

The Jimny is in good company, joined by the likes of the Land Rover Defender 110 (the classic version, not the new one) which has seen its year-on-year prices up 68.4 percent; the Toyota 86 which is up 3 percent; and the Volkswagen Beetle, up 14.3 percent.

According to Auto Trader, the Jimny’s robust performance in the second-hand market is possibly down to Suzuki’s confirmation that the model will be pulled out of Europe due to emissions standards (it has since been announced as a two-seat commercial vehicle).

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