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September 9, 2020

Suzuki Comes Up with a 2-Seater Version of the Jimny SUV

With the Jimny’s European future thrown into doubt due to stricter emissions over there, Suzuki has managed to find a way to skirt the rules by selling it as this: an “N1” commercial vehicle.

In its new form, the Suzuki did have to remove the largely useless rear seats. In its place, the cargo space has grown to 863 liters—33 more than the passenger vehicle version. Moreover, the flat floor makes it much more practical for loading and unloading stuff. Suzuki has also added a safety partition, again, to satisfy its classification as a commercial vehicle. For the curious, payload is maxed out at 345 kilograms.

The rest of the Jimny package remains the same though with a ladder frame construction, the K15B 1.5-liter engine, a 5-speed manual, and the trademark AllGrip Pro 4WD system with a low-range transfer case.

In Europe though, this LCV adds Dual Sensor Brake Support which employs automatic brake to help avoid a collision, and hill hold and descent control that support driving on slopes.

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