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September 24, 2020

2020 Mazda CX-30 Lauded for Predictive Safety Techology

Mazda has won recognition once more at the Kids Design Council. This year, it’s the CX-30, and in particular, its Driver Attention Alert (DAA) that won the Japanese carmaker its seventh straight Kids Design Award since 2014.

The Kids Design Award, awarded by the Japan Design Council recognizes excellence in products, spaces, and services that realize three design missions: Children can live safely; Children can grow up sensibility and creatively; and Create a society where children can be born and raised.

This year, the CX-30’s Driver Attention Alert or DAA won it recognition. The system, fitted standard on the CX-30 AWD Sport is designed to reduce accidents caused by inattentiveness due to driver fatigue.

The system uses an infrared camera located in the center display. Operating at speeds above 65 km/h, it “learns” the driver’s habits, watching inputs and the vehicle’s movements in the early stages before fatigue is a factor. 

Later, if the system detects changes in vehicle behavior that suggest the driver may be losing concentration, it will suggest a rest stop by sounding a chime and displaying a warning in the Multi-Information Display. In addition, the warning timing of the Smart Brake Support is adjusted.

Earlier in the year, the CX-30 was recognized as a Top Safety Pick by the US-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS. Additionally, it scored a 99 out of 100 percent at the Euro NCAP in terms of Adult Occupancy Protection, outscoring the Subaru XV and Volvo XC40.

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  1. All those technology just means we'll be spending more for repairs once they start to malfunction.


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