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Friday, September 18, 2020

The Jeep Renegade is My Vibrant Adventure Partner

When you hear of the brand, Jeep, the first image that comes to mind is a tough, rugged 4x4 off-roader, with a tall, imposing demeanor. The second image would be placing that exact vehicle on a dirt-road or any setting that depicts the great outdoors. While those come across as very male-oriented scenarios, remember how in the world of today, women have become just as adventure-seeking and willing to explore new territories. 

Considering the multiple roles that women take on, they need a ride that is flexible enough to keep up with all the daily multitasking and also double as their weekend partner. Not that a tall, ruggedly handsome Wrangler or Gladiator is too much for us girls. Case in point — we can take on any kind of vehicle, even if it seems larger than life. But we choose to be practical. 

Enter the all-new Jeep Renegade. Here is a car that has evolved over the generations and is now serving up appeal for the modern mobile individual. In its previous life, the Renegade was designed for the young city adventurer; as a car that was perhaps a graduation gift from a proud parent. Today, the all-new Renegade is more ambitious. It sets it sights on, not only the city slicker, but on the urban-dwelling Filipina — the fun, independent, creative woman is a multi-hyphenate in her own right. 

So how is the Renegade the practical choice? It’s got what every modern-day woman needs, starting off with the very factor that makes a Jeep, a Jeep: its sporty, rugged design. This form factor is iconic of the brand, especially with the signature seven-slotted grille right up front. The Renegade’s frontage gives it that same imposing stance that makes any driver think twice before challenging it on the road. Moreover, it has the same solid rigidity, with its structure softened only by its carefully rounded-out edges. With these alone, the Renegade gives us women the height and confidence to position ourselves in the daily grind — much like how a good hair day and the right outfit puts us in a more powerful demeanor to kick off a hectic calendar. 

The interior cabin is as impressive as it is simple. While most of today’s SUVs or sub-compacts like to come with all the bells and whistles (regardless if you need them, to be frank), the Renegade kept it basic with just the right features that you need. All the controls are positioned in easy, familiar reach, with none of the complicated steps. The design details are minimalist and clean, giving off a no-nonsense vibe.

Space is also given priority. The all-new Renegade is more generous in its seating, for both driver and passenger, with height adjust for the driver’s seat that allows even the most petite woman to be able to see through the windshield and over the hood. The rear bench makes it practical for a new mom to secure a car seat with another child or a nanny in tow. The cargo hold, on the other hand, has enough room for a week’s worth of grocery shopping or a barkada weekend getaway. 

The all-new Renegade has upgraded to meet the technological demands of the time. The infotainment system now comes with Apple CarPlay for easy and safe multitasking while on the go. This is particularly true for young professionals who are on the road early, but still have a number of things to tick off their call list. Or, consider the working mom who keeps tabs on her home and office simultaneously. Bluetooth streaming also allows the music enthusiast to listen to her favorite Spotify playlists while sitting through the metro’s endless traffic jam. 

However, the beauty of the all-new Renegade is not simply in how it connects with the city life. It is in how it is also the perfect partner for when we want to go places. Unbeknownst to most, women love to drive. Women find pleasure in independence and the ability to move. This is what the Renegade offers. More than a workhorse, it is for those of us who are doers and explorers, no matter who we are or what stage of life we are at. Getting behind the wheel of the Renegade showed me that despite its adorable shape and size, it has the heart to take on the world and try new things. It offers the confidence to make the journey count as much as the destination.

Drive home a brand-new Jeep Renegade with a P 160,000 this month. Drive and standout for just P 1,490,000. If you prefer, flaunt that iconic seven-slotted grille with just a P 79,000 low downpayment. For more information on offers, click here.

Words by Gen Tiu.

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