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September 21, 2020

The Power Jump Plus is a Must Have in Every Car

Power banks are a dime a dozen these days, but this one’s different. It’s a power bank that won’t just keep your devices juiced up, but it might also save you from a potential roadside emergency. Meet Amazing Products’ Power Jump Plus.

The Power Jump Plus is the smallest and lightest portable jump starter. It uses a high-capacity, high-power battery that’s fast-charging. With a low self-discharge rate, it can be kept in your car’s trunk until it’s needed in an emergency. It even comes with its own slick carrying case. It can jumpstart any diesel- or gasoline-powered vehicle for as long as it’s got a 12-volt electrical system.

A built-in LED flashlight helps you see in the dark—perfect if you find yourself having to revive your car’s dead battery (or do other emergency repair work) in the middle of the night. The lighting mode can also be changed to a strobe light or SOS, perfect for getting attention.

When not jumpstarting your car, the Power Jump Plus also has a USB port to power up your mobile devices. It even has a dedicated output port to supply power to selected laptops as well.

The Amazing Products Power Jump Plus is available with a suggested retail price of P 6,999.75. However, it now comes with a 20 percent discount (new SRP is P 5,599.80) and is available through Lazada or Shopee. It can also be purchased at Ace hardware stores nationwide.

Amazing Products Power Jump Plus Specifications:
  • Battery Capacity: 12,000 mAh
  • Starting Current: 400A
  • Peak Current: 600A
  • USB Output: 5V 2A (Mobile Device)
  • Output for Laptops: 12V / 16V/ 19V 3.5 A
  • Charging Time: 4 to 5 Hours


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