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September 28, 2020

Ford Just Took a Page Off Mazda's Design

Ford is taking a page straight from Mazda’s design book by introducing its new “Progressive Energy in Strength” design concept at Auto China.

Just as Mazda’s designs are governed by Goshintai, Ford will now be doing the same with all of its future designs. The Progressive Energy in Strength, as the American carmaker calls it, condenses all of their lines and forms into something much more high-level and abstract; it’s their design DNA moving forward. In particular, expect the parametric octagon grille to become a centerpiece of their design along with the speedy shoulder lines and sleek body shape.

Moreover, with China becoming a key market for Ford, the Blue Oval will set up the Ford China Design Center in the coming month. The aim would be to gather Chinese designers to bring this new design language to life, and to launch vehicles built around it.

Are you excited by this new Ford design language?

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