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September 25, 2020

Toyota PH Pivots Hilux to Serve a Growing Market

When Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) made it its mission to take the lead in providing the Filipino with the necessary support in transitioning to the new normal way of life, it was not just talking about consumer transport. Launch after launch, TMP has proven that its vehicles will be continue to be the benchmark in reliability and affordability, but clearly, there is more that the company has to offer. And this is in the form of sustaining the new means of livelihood for many Filipinos who had found themselves on a plateau since early this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only brought on a health crisis; it has also forced the economy into a recession, and brought many small and medium businesses to its knees. On the upside, it has brought to life the spark of creativity that is innate in the Filipino. The traditional way of retail was suddenly not enough, and most of were forced to transition and embrace new technology and even enterprises that were beyond our comfort levels. 

This was also how the new Toyota Hilux came into play. 

During its recent launch, TMP emphasized the changing role of the pickup truck. What was once just a favorite off-road or adventure partner has become a significant business partner as well. Filipinos, it seems have embraced what pickup trucks are truly built for, and Toyota is quick to notice.

The Hilux found itself being used to deliver produce directly from farms to home, or fresh seafood from markets to villages. This apparent shift is the reason why Toyota engineered the Hilux Cargo. Arriving in October for P 936,000, it has been customized to serve communities by becoming mobile markets or last-mile logistics partners. Whether serving online retailers or the growing plantito/plantita market, the Hilux Cargo could be the perfect partner.

What this shows is Toyota’s commitment to adapt to an ever-changing world, no matter how small the shift. In this way, the company has likewise expanded the purpose of the Hilux to much more than the “adventure-seeker.” It has become the choice of the Filipino in his pursuit to innovate, as a response to his current circumstance. This move for Toyota also shows how flexible the new Hilux is and how it can fit the needs of any entrepreneur.

By willingly adjusting to what is called for at this time, TMP establishes a sense of confidence among its loyal clientele, that they are in it for long haul and will continue to pivot along with them in the best way possible. For sure, the new Hilux is only the beginning.

Words by Gen Tiu.

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