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September 22, 2020

Subaru Expands STI Offering with 2021 Impreza STI Sport

Subaru continues to “STI-fy” their line-up with the introduction of the latest STI Sport model: the 2021 Impreza STI Sport.

The first-ever model to ride on the Subaru Global Platform, the Impreza compact hatchback takes on “two personalities” in Japan. The first is a new variant dubbed Advance which will use the brand’s e-BOXER gasoline-hybrid engine.

The second, and probably more appealing to enthusiasts everywhere is the Impreza STI Sport. Representing the highest trim of the Impreza line-up, the Impreza STI Sport is all about incremental improvements.

The Impreza STI Sport uses a unique damper from Showa with SFRD or Sensitive Frequency Response Damper system. This system automatically adjusts the damping force based on the vibration of the road surface thereby improving its ride considerably while also improving steering feedback and stability, especially in quick lane change maneuvers.

The rest of the package, such as the engine and gearbox remain unchanged. It remains powered by a 2.0-liter normally-aspirated 4-cylinder Boxer engine mated to a Lineartronic CVT.

The Impreza STI Sport communicates its changes through various cosmetic changes such as an STI front chin spoiler, and the use of black accents on the side mirror caps, badges, and even the 18-inch wheels. Inside, it gets a sporty black and red color motif and unique red meter gauges.

Currently, Subaru has been expanding its STI offering with their new STI Sport line in Japan. So far, the BRZ, WRX, and Levorg have all received the STI Sport treatment. It remains to be seen whether their SUV line-up—the Subaru XV and Forester will receive the same attention as well.

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