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January 25, 2020

Stricter Emissions Puts Doubts on Suzuki Jimny's Future

The diminutive Suzuki Jimny may soon fall victim to Europe’s increasingly stringent emissions requirements. The carmaker confirmed that the mini-4x4 will be sold only in very limited numbers this year due to the new mandatory emissions reduction targets set to take effect from 2020 onwards.

From 2021, each carmaker in Europe must have a fleet average of just 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer, and any carmaker that exceeds this limit will be levied with huge fines. In its current form, the K15B-equipped Jimny emits 154 grams per kilometer of CO2 with the 5-speed manual, and 170 grams per kilometer of CO2 with the 4-speed automatic.

And while the solution to meet this emissions target is to develop mild hybrid systems (Suzuki will be doing this with the Swift, Vitara, and S-Cross models), the Jimny isn’t available with this kind of technology.

According to a statement by Suzuki Europe, they are committed to ensure delivery to customers who have already placed an order. After that though, its fate beyond 2021 is in question.

One report suggests that the Japanese automaker may convert the Jimny into a commercial vehicle which is exempted from the strict emissions target. In order to do this, Suzuki may have to delete the rear seats and make minor interior tweaks. It may then return to Europe in 2022 with a new engine or get hybrid power to meet Europe’s emissions requirements.

With the Jimny such in short supply in the Philippines, here’s an even better suggestion to Suzuki: just divert stocks destined for Europe and send them over here! Off-road enthusiasts sure want to get their hands on this cutesy 4x4.

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