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January 20, 2020

Nissan's Next-Generation Z Car May Pack a Turbocharged V6

In the perennial, “will they or won’t they” question regarding a next-generation Z car, it seems the latest answer from Nissan is now in the affirmative. Yes, there will be a next-generation Z car.

A report from Autoblog says Nissan is already hard at work on a next-generation Z car, and this one is said to have a heritage-inspired design. Sources who talked to the website said that while the silhouette and general shape is similar to the current Z, the front end will be 240Z-esque with a square mouth and rounded taillights. At the back? A more rectangular design that mimics the 300ZX from the 1990s.

Inside, it’ll finally have a modern infotainment system along with an interior that’s similar to the new Altima and Sentra.

Under the hood, it’s expected to share a version of the 3.0-liter VR30 V6 that’s currently in use in the Japanese market Skyline. In that guise, it makes 400 horsepower and 675 Nm of torque. With performance numbers very close to the GT-R, expect the engine to be de-tuned or even drop a turbo. A 9-speed automatic is said to be paired with it, though Nissan may offer a manual transmission as well.

Autoblog says that the earliest time the world will see a next-generation Z car would be in 18 months. It’s likely that Nissan could make this a star attraction at its Tokyo Motor Show exhibit in 2021.

Source: Autoblog

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