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January 17, 2020

Mazda Philippines Recalling Selected 2020 Mazda3, CX-30 for Smart Braking System

Bermaz Auto Philippines (BAP), the exclusive distributor of Mazda in the Philippines has confirmed that selected units of the 2020 Mazda3 and 2020 CX-30 are part of a global recall due to the inadvertent activation of the Smart Braking System (SBS) automatic emergency braking system.

Incorrect programming of the SBS control software may cause the vehicle to falsely detect an obstacle in front of the vehicle while driving. In certain cases, the SBS control software may automatically apply the vehicle brakes to prevent or reduce damage from a collision, even though no collision is imminent. If the SBS automatic emergency braking system unexpectedly activates while driving, the risk of a rear-end crash from a following vehicle may increase. There is a warning alarm sound and warning message displayed in the multi-information and active driving displays when this defect occurs.

BAP has identified that 283 Mazda3s are affected by the said recall. These are the 2.0 Sedan Premium, 2.0 Sportback Premium, and 2.0 Sportback Speed models. Out of this number, 231 have already been sold to customers. Meanwhile, only 19 CX-30 units are affected. These are the 2.0 AWD Sport and AWD Signature variants.

Authorized Mazda dealerships in the Philippines have been notified of the recall last January 14, 2020, and information is now being disseminated to affected owners. The fix is relatively simple: a reprogramming of the Vehicle Control Module (VCM). In some cases, aside from the VCM reprogramming, the Instrument Cluster (IC) may need to be reprogrammed as well. These will be done free of charge.

The process of reprogramming the IC and VCM takes about an hour and can be done as part of the vehicle’s Periodic Maintenance Schedule (PMS).

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