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January 29, 2020

The Blaupunkt BP 7.1 Dash Cam Watches Your Driving Like It Does Your Car

Dashcams are now dime a dozen—coming in all shapes and sizes, prices and features. So what sets the Blaupunkt BP 7.1 from the rest? Well, it keeps an eye out not just on your car, but on your driving as well.

Using its high-precision optics, the Blaunpunkt BP 7.1 goes beyond the usual dash cam functionality by offering Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS. Whether you’re in an entry-level sedan or even in a classic car, it instantly adds Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Front Vehicle Start Alert (FVSA). If these features sound familiar, they should; it’s commonly seen in high-end vehicles. LDWS warns the driver if it detects that you’re moving away from the lane. This is useful during long trips, or when you’re driving fatigued. Meanwhile, FVSA alerts you when the car ahead is on the move; a handy feature during stop-and-go traffic.

Another way the Blaupunkt BP 7.1 looks out for your car is through its 24/7 recording function. Other dashcams stop looking out once the ignition’s off, but here, the BP 7.1 switches to its parking mode. It keeps an eye out on your car by either continuously recording video in time-lapse (2 frames per second) or through smart motion detection. Whatever the setting, it helps deter theft or vandalism (or at least captures the culprit), especially when parking in vulnerable areas. A low voltage cut-off prevents the car’s battery charge from getting too low.

Finally, setting the Blaupunkt BP 7.1 apart is the fact that it’s a two-channel dash cam. It simultaneously records footage of what’s ahead and what’s behind the vehicle. With 230 degrees of visual protection (120 degrees in front, 110 degrees at the back) almost nothing escapes its view. And even in low light conditions, it can capture pertinent details like number plates without the need of any LED light that can cause unwanted windshield glare.

With Manila’s unpredictable traffic, it pays to be extra cautious. The Blaupunkt BP 7.1 is a great way to keep an eye out on your car, and your own well-being. Think of it not just as your car’s built-in CCTV, but as your driving coach as well. It’s 24/7 protection that gives you extra peace of mind.

You can check the technical nitty gritty below. For more information on the Blaupunkt BP 7.1, you can contact Blaupunkt Philippines through their Facebook page or mobile at +63 917 5754812

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  1. How much? Can we buy it online?

    1. The SRP is 11,800. You can buy it through PartsPro if online or Blade if retail.


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