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January 29, 2020

This is Why You Should Never Ride with Your Feet Up a Car's Dashboard

Car guys always hate it when their front passengers put up their feet on the dashboard. Well, aside from looking unsightly and disguisting, there’s now a more important reason not to do that: it’s unsafe.

Shared by Autoblog, a young woman has suffered “life changing” injuries when she sat with her feet up. When the car she was riding in got caught in a minor accident, the result to her is rather gruesome. Basically, her foot flew into her face, breaking her nose, femur, and ankle. In her x-rays, the doctors discovered that one femur snapped, while one hip is broken in the socket, and the other has been dislocated.

If you want visual proof, check out her x-ray:

It must be remembered that airbags deploy anywhere between 177 km/h to 354 km/h. If you ride with your feet on the dash, and you’re involved in an accident, the force of the impact is enough to send your knees through your eye sockets.

Always remember: for the airbags to work, sit up straight with your feet on the floor.

Source: Autoblog


  1. Seat belts would have prevented those injuries.

    1. Unfortunately, no. Even if you're buckled up but you still put your feet in that compromising position, you stand to get injured.


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