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January 31, 2020

Toyota's President Just Sent This Heartfelt Greeting to Mazda on Their 100th Anniversary

Toyota Motor Corporation President and hardcore car guy Akio Toyoda greeted Mazda on their 100th anniversary proving that there’s only love between these two Japanese carmakers. In a post on Morizo (his racing alter ego)’s blog, he said:
“When I visited Hiroshima in cooperation with Mazda, I was guided to a test course instead of the president’s office…It was a moment when I realized again that Mazda is a company with love and passion who has been thoroughly focused on driving pleasure.”
An avid racer, Mazda also invited Toyoda to participate in the 30th Mazda Roadster 4-Hour Endurance Race. Here, he saw their genuine car company culture. In that regard, he says that they really live up to the ethos of, “Be a Driver.” Moreover, he sees that both Toyota and Mazda have the same aim: to bring mobility to more people. In that regard, he acknowledges Mazda’s contribution in making that mobility richer and more enjoyable.

Toyoda also realizes the irreplaceable bond that Mazda has with its hometown of Hiroshima:
“Just four months after the bombing of Hirsohima, Mazda resumed production of its tricycles, contributing greatly to local revival. When Hiroshima suffers, Mazda becomes the light, and when Mazda suffers, Hiroshima supports. Cars exist not in isolation, but in society. I sincerely hope that Mazda and Hiroshima will continue their ‘thank you’ relationship for the next 100 years.”

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