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October 20, 2020

7 Key Steps to Keeping Your Motorcycle in Its Best Condition

Over the past few months, people have relied on motorcycles to help them travel to obtain their essential goods. Indeed, motorcycles are now seen as an important investment as a means of transportation or as additional livelihood. But like all motorized investments, proper maintenance is needed for it to stay reliable and efficient.

To ensure that your motorcycle remains in its tip-top condition, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country, lists down some reminders on how to maintain your motorcycle while ensuring your safety while on the road. 

Change Oil Regularly. The frequency of each oil change depends on age and oil used. Make sure to use recommended Honda genuine engine oil, and follow oil replacement schedules to prevent breakdowns.

Keep Your Brake Pads Fresh. Regularly checking your brake pads’ status, especially its thickness. Never overestimate the importance of brake pads since it can literally save your life.

Give Your Motorcycle A Wash. Washing your bike frees it from dirt and gunk which can build-up after countless hours of use.

Maintain the Air Filter. The air filter does an important job of protecting your engine’s more delicate internal parts from dust and other particles.

Replace Your Engine Coolant. The coolant’s job is to manage the engine’s temperature. Keep the coolant level at the reservoir up to the upper limit to prevent overheating. Also, remember to change the coolant according to your usage, or its recommended change schedule.

Keep the Chain Clean and Lubricated. Your bike chain needs to stay well-oiled to prevent excessive mechanical wear. Make sure to adjust the chains to allow for the standard free play.

Charge Your Motorcycle’s Battery. Most batteries last for two years before dying out. However, if you maintain its standard voltage, you can maximize its lifespan even longer.

HPI understands that the return of investment in maintaining your motorcycle is far greater than letting it break down and buying a new one. But for riders looking for a low-maintenance motorcycle, the Supra GTR150 might just be the right bike for you.

The Supra GTR150 is equipped with a 6-Speed DOHC 4-Valves Liquid-Cooled Engine for maximum performance and better fuel efficiency of 42 km/L. It has an auto fan connected to its internal parts that helps the engine maintain a steady, cool temperature. 

With its wider tubeless tires and bigger disc brakes, the Supra GTR150 also provides better traction, stopping power, and stability for the rider. Its large front suspension lets it absorb more shock, bringing greater comfort for the rider, and a longer lifespan for brake pads. It also has an LED Headlight to ensure clear road sight and safety, and a Full Digital Meter Panel for easy speed and distance reference.

Supra GTR150 comes in two (2) colors: Valiant Red and Black. It is available at all of Honda’s dealerships nationwide with a suggested retail price of P 102,900.00

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  1. i got my gtr 150 last feb..
    right now, still its powerful on the road..


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