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October 29, 2020

Kia Shows Off Next-Generation Military Vehicle

Kia may be best known for their passenger cars and SUVs, but did you know they also produce vehicles for the Korean military? To-date, Kia has supplied nine model types and 100 derivatives, producing a total of 140,000 military vehicles. And now, they’ve shown off their next-generation military vehicle.

Taking lessons learned from their civilian vehicle line, Kia has opted for a new standard platform for their next-generation military vehicles. The project aims for a deployment from 2024 onward, replacing the Korean military’s current 2.5- and 5-ton vehicles.

Kia says the modular approach to developing the new vehicles will enable the quick development of other derivatives in the future such as those equipped with a range of weapons systems, and those designed to be more specialized.

These all-terrain vehicles are based off the Mohave body-on-frame SUV, and with that Kia says they’ll be able to apply technology and know-how from military vehicle development to improve the durability of its road-going SUVs. Beyond the military, it will also be deployed in other sectors such as industrial and even leisure.

As standard, the next-generation Kia military vehicles will be equipped with a high-torque 7.0-liter diesel engines and automatic transmissions systems. It will also have ABS and Anti-Spin Regulator (ASR), Rear Parking Assist, Around View Monitor, satellite navigation, and hot wire seats.

In addition, Kia is exploring the potential for hydrogen fuel cell technology across diverse military applications, including fuel cell vehicles and emergency power generators. Fuel cell technology is considered suitable for future military vehicles as it can supply large amounts of electricity in combat environments.

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