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January 5, 2021

Here's How Toyota Motor PH's Balloon Payment Plus Works

Conventional thinking suggests that having a brand new car is usually preceded by a momentous milestone in someone’s life. True, nothing can mark a special occasion in your life quite like a fresh-out-of-the-showroom-floor vehicle. But, what if there is a way to get a brand-new car without all that proverbial fanfare?

Thanks to Toyota Motor Philippines’s Balloon Payment Plus, you can drive home a brand-new car time and time again.

Offered by Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation, which is supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Balloon Payment Plus is a finance lease product that makes your Toyota experience affordable with low monthly payments. It also comes built in with periodic maintenance throughout the finance term, and with convenient end of term options as well.

That’s the gist, but here is how it works.

Let’s key in on these terms: “trade-in with lower cost and repurchase.” Meaning: you can positively repurchase a new vehicle as you trade-in your current car on the program.

Picture this: you’re at the tail-end of your payment term. You’ve been using the car for quite some time now, but let’s also say that there’s a latest Toyota model that has caught your eye. Well, you can make that transition easily thanks to the guaranteed future value of your current car that the Balloon Payment Plus has afforded you. You can use the guaranteed future value as lump sum payment. Should there be an amount remaining, you can use said portion to apply for your next brand new car.

And before you conclude Balloon Payment Plus’s benefit can be felt only at the end of your financing term, allow us this rebuttal. An obvious, glaring advantage: your low monthly payments are packaged with periodic maintenance. It’s common knowledge that as a vehicle ages, maintenance costs tend to go up. As you make your light monthly payments, you receive trusted dealership-service upkeep on your car periodically. And, here’s the unmitigated truth: you’re more than cool and confident each time you hit the road because your vehicle is in tip-top shape. That’s definitely one-less worry when you have to fulfill tasks and go places. 

Say, you decided on the Toyota Vios. Downpayment is between 20 to 30 percent of the vehicle price. Under the Balloon Payment Plus, under a 24-month finance term, you’ll be looking at 45 percent lump sum amount of the vehicle price, and a guaranteed resale value at 55 percent. Your assured resale price and flexible financing options can be realized in one of two routes. Option A is paying-off the lump sum amount together with the monthly installment indicated on your last due date official receipt. Or go for Option B which is trading-in your vehicle and effectively purchasing a new Toyota vehicle.

With Balloon Payment Plus, you can update your (and your loved ones’) car every few years and experience all the exciting trappings that come with it. The new car smell, the latest car technologies, the smoothest rides, the newest looks—all can be yours sooner rather than later. So, whether it’s finally going for an upgrade or even getting your dream car—rest assured— avenues are made available and attainable for you.

So, do you think this scheme is perfect for you?

Truth is: With a solid roster of Toyota participating models to choose from, there’s a viable purchase for almost every customer profile. Been eyeing a trustworthy subcompact sedan? Why not get around the city in the country’s most-sought after as all Toyota Vios variants are offered.

Bringing in a new member to your young family? Corolla Cross 1.8V Hybrid—which is available via Balloon Payment Plus —can be a fine addition to any household.

The refreshed Hilux Conquest, G, E, and J variants as well as the Fortuner are all included in the Balloon Payment Plus too.

Whether a first-time car owner realizing a lifelong goal or seasoned car enthusiast adding another vehicle to the stable, you can find the perfect match from Balloon Payment Plus to accommodate your aspirations.

No matter how you look at it, Balloon Payment Plus affords you more than enough room to commit and complete your purchase. Upfront, you’re given a snapshot of where and how your investment is going over time. Throughout the term, your car is professionally maintained, a deal you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. If getting to drive a brand-new car indeed has its benefits, then driving a brand-new car via Balloon Payment Plus is beneficial in every form and fashion.

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