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Friday, January 29, 2021

Ford Doesn't Want You to Drive Like Your Manong Jeepney Driver During Rainy Season

Ford says one of the sources of irritation is windshield mist—the sort of thing you get when it’s hotter in the car than it is outside, or when your air conditioning decides to conk out, or you’re doing…ummmm…extracurricular.

From the safety and visibility aspect, owners will have to wait for a few minutes, and this can delay the drive home. Sure, you can drive while wiping your windshield periodically, but this is just so Manong Jeepney Driver.

Well, Ford’s come up with a solution and they call it the Windscreen Weather Station. It’s a 50 mm by 30 mm unit with several sensors. It detects moisture in the air as well as detect changes in the temperature of the glass. It’ll automatically active the air conditioning if needed, and even selecting the required airflow setting to pre-empt the windshield misting over.

Another added benefit? It also reduces the usage of the AC’s compressor, improving fuel efficiency and lowering CO2 emissions.

So far available on the Kuga (aka Escape) and the Explorer equipped with dual-zone climate control, and plans are underway to expand the tech to more models.

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  1. Maybe they ought to fix their transmission issues first...


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