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January 23, 2021

Equipment Maker Points PMVIC Mess to LTO

When the potato gets hot, it gets passed. Such is the golden rule when it comes to a fucked-up shitshow. And the latest one to toss their piece of starchy carbs? The equipment providers for the LTO’s maligned Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Service.

It’s not everyday for someone who’s managed to bag a lucrative government contract to go down and say: we’re not at fault for this mess. But that’s exactly what Dermalog and Beissbarth—the contracted parties for the LTO’s IT system and PMVIC equipment provider did.

We’ll let them do the talking from here on:
The initial LTO memorandum of agreement with system developers Dermalog and Beissbarth required that all PMVICs use one digital system with a set of certified and properly trained vehicle inspection technicians per PMVIC to assure that all tests are conducted with the highest standard and the security of all motor vehicle data are assured.
This meant that every step of the motor vehicle inspection process is approved by a certified technician who are familiar with the testing equipment and parameters.
After each test, the results are then transmitted to the LTO system online and for free (no computer and data transmission fees).

And this is where everything went haywire once LTO began implementation. It started when the former IT contractor of LTO, whose contract expired in 2018, continued to be used as a shadow system of the current IT provider Dermalog. Because the previous provider continued to charge computer and data transmission fees that did not belong in any LTO government transaction, and most probably went to the pockets of LTO executives, it became hard for LTO leaders to be rid of the old company. The excuse for their continued presence was that the old provider has not yet completed the turnover of motor vehicle and driver’s license data to the new system which has been delayed for two years now. The computer fee costs the Philippine public some 9 billion pesos every year. This is free in the original system.

And then came the complaints from certain business interests that wanted to get in on the PMVIC equipment action but could not because the LTMS [Land Transportation Management System] needs a compatible program to communicate with it for all PMVICs. In fact, a congressional question hour even happened simply to cast doubt on the use of one system for the PMVIC.

What followed is what our motoring public is experiencing at the moment.
Because LTO needed to please all interested parties in the PMVIC project, LTO and DOTr created a “Value Added Service Provider” system that allows all kinds of equipment to be used for the motor vehicle inspection program which allows non-compatible products [Editor’s Note: the DOTr’s Department Order 2019-002 disputes this though, as they specifically mentioned the CE and ISO standard, or its equivalent]. It also allowed non-certified technicians to operate these equipment even without the advanced knowledge needed.

Their main reason for this is because one, the recommended equipment was too expensive; two, they can always use an API (application programming interface), and three, how hard is it for anyone to use the MVIC equipment anyway.

Of course, if one will really understand the issue, we can see the flaws in these excuses. First, while they can get cheaper equipment, it will also need to be upgraded to communicate with the existing LTMS system. This will necessarily entail extra cost and in the end, the independent system will actually cost as much as the recommended system. Second, while the use of the API is indeed a proper workaround, this will also require extra programming cost which makes their system again expensive and gives them an excuse to charge the questionable computer fee. And finally, we see the result of an untrained technician handling motor vehicle inspection equipment.
So, there you have it folks. Make your own judgement. But for those who found it TL;DR, the next time you hear of a Land Cruiser with an exhaust enough to kill a person, you can’t blame faulty equipment, or lack of PMVIC personnel. The blame, it seems, lies squarely with the agency who initiated this in the first place: the LTO.


  1. Typical LTO BS. Any update on the Subaru fiasco?

  2. Car owners are starting to be raped by these people in our government

  3. My car plate is still not released since 2013 and it is already paid.

    1. Same here... How much savings do they have

    2. Same here... How much savings do they have

  4. LTO ia full of crapcas usual. I'm betting the average motoring journalist would do a better job than these clowns running the inspection. How did these supposed to be TESDA certified technician unable to do their job properly? It says AWD clearly at the back and these clowns just wrecked this. I hope the owner gets compensated properly from this fiasco. But fiven LTO's record, I'm not optimistic.


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