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January 15, 2021

Lexus Celebrates 12 Years in the Philippines

Lexus is celebrating 12 years in the Philippines—a milestone that represents Filipino’s trust and satisfaction in the luxury lifestyle automotive brand. Lexus’s lineup of premium sedans, SUVs & specialty vehicles showcase not only the latest in cutting-edge technology but more importantly exhibit the artistry of its master craftsmen.

However, beyond the vehicles themselves, Lexus prides itself in creating amazing experiences.

When Lexus first entered the Philippines in 2009, the automotive market was rapidly evolving with more breakthroughs in technology and innovation. The luxury car market was no different as it was a time wherein affluent car buyers were searching for amazing products and an exceptional customer experience that comes with the car. Lexus heeded the call.

At the heart of this commitment is the Lexus Manila showroom located in Bonifacio Global City which was inaugurated that same year. This luxury dealership was (and still is) an architectural and interior-design statement that continues to dazzle customers who set foot inside. Prior to 2009, a car dealership with a Zen garden interior with natural landscaping was unheard of at the time.

Every step of the purchasing journey has been tailored to make every visitor feel Lexus’s exceptional hospitality. It has since raised the bar for what a luxury car buying experience should be like. This extends to aftersales service as well, exemplified by dedicated receiving/turnover bays that show the care that its Lexus associates give its patrons and their well-loved vehicles. This warm reception that anticipates the needs of clients is known as ‘omotenashi’—and for more than a decade this is what Lexus has been showering on its valued customers.

When Lexus arrived in the Philippines, the goal was to become number one in terms of quality. The brand was committed to offering vehicles that emotionally appeal to customers. In 2009, six iconic nameplates were introduced to discerning Filipinos: the LS luxury flagship sedan; the ES midsize sedan; the RX midsize luxury SUV; the LX flagship luxury SUV; the sporty IS compact sedan; and the GS midsize sedan.

More models were to come in 2011, the most notable of which was the launch of the CT line of luxury hatchbacks. This was among the first luxury models to be sold in the Philippines with a hybrid drivetrain. This was proof that Lexus stayed true to its pledge of offering its customers the latest in green technology—even very early on in the game. The GX luxury SUV made its local debut this year as well.

An exciting year for Lexus Manila was the launch of the LFA supercar in 2012. Naturally, much fanfare surrounded this model because it heralded the return of the Japanese supercar on the global stage. At the local launch at Lexus Manila, the glorious scream of the LFA’s 4.8-liter V10 was heard by all in attendance. The year also saw the introduction of the Spindle Grille design on the GS. This styling update ushered in a bolder persona for the entire Lexus lineup. 

In 2014 the RC and its performance-oriented RC F sibling arrived, injecting the market with excitement and performance that only RWD coupes could bring. The same year saw the arrival of the NX compact luxury SUV as well. 

In 2015, the GS F performance sedan was launched, and this model offered a pulse-pounding alternative to the more established European models. Not long after, the stunning, out-of-this world LC coupe was revealed in 2017, setting the market ablaze not only with its style, but surprising the public with how quickly a concept car can go from design study to actual production vehicle. The UX compact luxury crossover arrived in 2018, giving first-time customers a more accessible model packed with the features and craftsmanship expected from Lexus.

The year 2020 also saw the introduction of the LM—a breakout luxury van which is fast becoming a bestseller. 

To this day, Lexus will continue to provide an amazing experience every time you drive or ride any of its vehicles. It is hard to imagine that 12 years ago Lexus was a newcomer to the local market. But time has shown that more and more customers have grown to know, like, and ultimately own, a Lexus.

The Filipino Lexus customer is driven by creativity and individuality. They have extremely high expectations from their relationship with the brands that they patronize, and expect a wide range of experiences that are crafted with them in mind. Those who choose Lexus are leaders in their respective fields, movers and shakers in their industries and professions. They demand much from themselves, therefore it is only natural that they have a deep appreciation for the craft that goes into the creation of every Lexus vehicle. They respect the finer points in the competitive sport of golf; the subtle nuances of fine art and industrial design; and they savor culinary delights prepared by world-class chefs.

Lexus knows that its customers have very high expectations, so it remains steadfast in providing an amazing experience each time. Customers can expect a future-focused road ahead with Lexus prioritizing personalization, innovation, hybrid vehicles, and, crafted experiences. With its promise of delivering superior quality, Filipino clients can expect even grander things from Lexus in the future.

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