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November 23, 2023

Hyundai's Innovation Center In Singapore Has A Roof-Deck Test Track, Farm-To-Table Restaurant

The Hyundai Motor Group officially opened the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS) to accelerate the delivery of their human-centric future mobility vision.

The facility introduces a new ‘smart urban mobility hub’ concept, which includes a highly automated flexible production system and provides new ways for electric vehicle (EV) buyers to interact with their vehicles and the Hyundai brand.

Following the groundbreaking ceremony at its new Ulsan EV factory, HMGICS will establish itself as one of two Hyundai Motor Group innovation pillars that will lead the company’s future in the electrification era over the next 50 years as part of its challenge to become a 100-year company.

The Hyundai Motor Group chose Singapore as the ideal home for its first industry-changing smart urban mobility hub. HMGICS elevates collaboration between people, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to new levels of synchronization.

Seamlessly integrated into the Jurong Innovation District, the seven-story, 86,900-square meter HMGICS facility has the capability to manufacture up to 30,000 EVs per annum. Operational since early 2023, HMGICS already produces the Ioniq 5 and the fully autonomous Ioniq 5 robotaxi. It will add the Ioniq 6 to its portfolio of models built on-site next year. The facility will also serve as a testbed for developing future mobility solutions, including Purpose Built Vehicles (PBVs), thanks to its advanced manufacturing capability.

Key to the HMGICS is its cell-based production system that leaves behind the traditional conveyor-belt manufacturing approach to achieve unsurpassed standards of flexibility and automation.

Approximately 50 percent of all tasks are carried out by 200 robots, with humans, robotics and AI systems achieving unprecedented levels of collaboration thanks to integration made possible by the digital twin platform.

Operating as a digital twin Meta-Factory, HMGICS synchronizes the virtual and physical worlds in real time. This enables humans and robots to cooperate in ways not seen before. Employees can simulate tasks in the digital virtual space, while robots physically move components on the production line.

Moreover, the HMGICS delivers new standards of customer experience through the all-encompassing smart urban mobility solutions it develops, redefining the customer journey from the first interaction with the brand, to the sales process, delivery, and ownership. With enhanced flexibility thanks to the hub’s cell-based production system, HMGICS offers an even greater level of customization.

The convenient order-from-home service allows customers to tailor the specification of their vehicle, choosing their exterior color and interior trim configuration, applying this to their car instantly before completing initial deposit and balance payment processes through secure online payment methods to confirm their purchase.

Ahead of their first visit to HMGICS, customers can book a virtual reality tour of the facility, while personal ‘Gurus’ will be available on-site for visitors looking to learn more about Hyundai and the brand’s mobility offerings.

Robots perform assembly, inspection, and production facility organization, and take care of more than 60 percent of component process management, ordering and transportation. This frees humans from repetitive and laborious tasks to focus on more creative and productive duties.

HMGICS’ Gurus will accompany customers on their guided tour of the facility, as well as providing insight into their chosen vehicle, offering test drives around the Jurong Innovation District. For an additional thrill, customers can enjoy an immersive test ride experience on the facility’s stunning 618-meter rooftop Skytrack. A unique handover zone, created to make the moment of customers taking ownership of their new vehicle as special and as memorable as possible, is also a key feature of the HMGICS hub.

To complete the customer experience, a new Smart Farm presents a futuristic solution to enhance Singapore’s food production capabilities, exemplifying the Group’s vision for sustainable urban growth.

The HMGICS Smart Farm focuses not just on productivity in a compact environment, but also enhancing customer awareness by allowing visitors to interactively experience the entire farming process.

Through the synchronization of human efforts and an automated conveyor system utilizing sophisticated robotics, the Smart Farm produces up to nine different crops within the facility. Harvested produce is given to customers as a memento of their visit, as well as donated to local communities in Singapore. The crops will also feature on the menu of the tasting lounge and the upcoming farm-to-table restaurant — scheduled to open in Q2 2024 — for customers to enjoy sustainable dishes.

The ability of HMGICS to transform manufacturing and customer experience reinforces Hyundai Motor Group’s strategic vision, which it shares with Singapore, to progress onwards at pace with the creation of world-leading, innovative, sustainable mobility solutions for the benefit of all.

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