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Friday, November 10, 2023

Meet Dongfeng Motors' New Dealer Partners

Legado Motors, Inc., timed its dealer conference with its fifth anniversary as it sought potential dealer groups to invest in its newest brand: Dongfeng Motors.

To ensure a successful expansion of Dongfeng Motors, Legado Motors is joining forces with some of the country’s most prominent dealer groups: Autohub Group, Diamond Motors, Hino Parts, Autoflare, and Dreamcar Unlimited. These groups will provide Dongfeng with the necessary expertise and support to make their expansion successful.

During the dealer conference, Dongfeng Motors showcased its three electrified models: the Nanobox, Aeolus Huge, and the Forthing Friday.

The Nanobox is specifically designed for urban dwellers, providing a compact yet spacious interior that is ideal for city living. Priced at just P 888,000, it offers an impressive driving range of 351 kilometers making it a choice for those who value practicality.

On the other hand, Dongfeng’s mid-sized hybrid SUV, the Aeolus Huge comes with a competitive price of P 1,888,000. It combines elegance and efficiency with a powerful hybrid powertrain.

Lastly, the Forthing Friday is a battery electric vehicle that represents Dongfeng’s ambitions. It offers an impressive 630 kilometers of range for P 2,580,000.

Alongside these initial units, plans of bringing in other current and leading models are in the works. Dongfeng promises that its lineup would cater to every demographic.

These hybrid and electric vehicles will soon be experienced nationwide through the combined efforts of its key partners soon.


  1. Among all Chinese carmakers in the local market only MG 4, JETOUR ice cream and BYD Dolphin will be successful due to very well Low price positioning. Only Low price can make consumers entice to buy the Chinese vehicles.

  2. We can trust the Dongfeng brand as it is one of the China Big 4 Automakers.


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