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November 30, 2023

Kia Philippines Is Launching The EV5 In 2024 Along With 3 Other New Vehicles

Coming from the launch of the new Seltos, Kia Philippines is looking to an ever-stronger 2024 with the launch of four new vehicles, one of which is the EV5. This was confirmed by Toti Zara, AC Motor Automobile Group President and Brian Buendia, Kia Philippines’ Chief Operating Officer.

The all-electric EV5 compact SUV will join the mid-sized EV6 in Kia’s local line-up together with two other electrified (gasoline-electric or battery-electric) vehicles. A conventional internal combustion engine model will complete the new car launches for next year.

Zara revealed that for 2024, the Philippine automotive industry is expecting to eclipse the record 473,943 units set in 2017. Out of this figure, around 14,000 is expected to be electrified, or three percent of total industry sales.

Under this backdrop, Kia will offer the smaller EV5 below the EV6 in terms of both positioning and price.

No details on the EV5 for the Philippine market were revealed yet, but globally, the all-electric compact SUV is assembled both in China and Korea.

In China, the standard model equipped with a 64-kWh battery pack and a 217 horsepower (160kW) motor, is expected to have a driving range of 530 kilometers per charge. The long-range model, featuring an 88-kWh battery and the same 217 horsepower motor, aims to achieve a range of 720 kilometers per charge. The long-range AWD model will feature an 88-kWh battery pack and a combined output of 313 horsepower (230kW), thanks to a supplemental rear-wheel 96 horsepower (70 kW) motor. With AWD model, Kia is targeting a driving range of 650 kilometers. Additionally, the model offers fast-charging capability, allowing the battery to be charged from 30 to 80 percent capacity in just 27 minutes.

For Korea, all variants of the EV5 models, including standard, long-range, and long-range AWD versions, are in development, with potential adjustments being considered. The standard model will have a 58-kWh battery and a 217 horsepower (160kW) front motor. The long-range model will feature an 81-kWh battery and the same 217 horsepower (160kW) front motor. The long-range AWD model will include an extra 95 horsepower (70kW) rear motor, resulting in a combined power output of up to 306 horsepower (225kW). The driving range of each model will be tailored to meet market demands.

The EV5 battery has been engineered to function effectively in any weather condition, even in extreme hot and cold weather. An advanced heat pump system, a feature also found in the EV6, has been incorporated into the EV5 to manage the battery’s temperature, ensuring consistent performance regardless of external conditions.

It will offer regenerative braking system and an i-Pedal system that allows drivers to both slow down and accelerate using a single pedal, thereby minimizing fatigue, and enhancing the comfort of driving.

In terms of design, the EV5 uses the brand’s “Opposites United” design philosophy using the “Bold for Nature” pillar. The EV5 features a modern interpretation of the Kia tiger mask grille complete with the “Star Map lighting,” while the rest of the SUV goes for a solid body with soft surfacing.

Inside, the EV5 draws inspiration from the larger EV9 flagship. With that, it prioritizes interior space and a lounge-like feel. Variable mood lighting—found across the cabin—is standard and can be customized in one of 64 available colors. Powering the infotainment system is Kia’s new generation connected car Navigation & Cockpit (ccNC). Two large 12.3-inch screens dominate the otherwise minimalist-looking dashboard. Interior upholstery options include synthetic leather for the base version and two woven options for higher-trim variants.

Buendia hopes that the launch of the EV5 will further bolster Kia’s presence in the Philippines. Currently, the country has been awarded as the best-selling distributor in the Asia-Pacific region.


  1. would the other three be among the (EV9, Niro, Sportage, Sonet, Carens)?

    1. Its just EV9,Niro and New Sorento
      Sonet and Carens aren't coming due to AC Motors refused to deal with Kia Vietnam and Kia India

    2. with the sonet and carens being built in vietnam, it would have been offered here due to the AFTA pricing. Maybe vietnam does not export?

    3. Thaco Kia actually exports, the company already exports to several Asian nations albeit in small-ish quantities

    4. Vietnam doesn't export cars to the Philippines for many years
      Motorcycles are the ones that Vietnam export and send to the Philippines

  2. How about kia Mohave, they said it will be launched by this month. How true?

  3. the Sportage is probably the most plausible one to be unveiled soon. I'm doubtful for the Sonet because the Stonic is already sold here

    Some medyo maybe's: Carens
    EV9? They'll probably test the waters with the EV5 first

    If they'll still offer small cars maybe they'll bring back the facelifted Picanto? BL7 K3?

  4. Picanto and Carens aren't coming back due to pricing issues.
    Kia Philippines won't sell the ancient Mohave SUV here due to pricing issues and they know it won't sell well just like what happened to the Sorento.
    Sportage Hybrid,Sorento PHEV,EV5 and EV9 are possibly the new vehicles that Kia are gonna sell in the Philippine market next year.

  5. What are the chances of Kia ph releasing their newly launched sedan? Cant remember the model name but looks solid on design and interior infotainment not overdone with screens. Probably hybrid too.

    1. Kia Philippines won't be selling sedans made in Korea and Mexico anymore due to pricing issues and very low demand for it
      Forte was a sales flop same goes for the Stinger which only sold double digit units it its local sales run.

  6. Saw already a Kia EV9 with local conduction stickers being driven along Commonwealth Ave. Looks imposing & futuristic!

    1. Might be one of the gray market importers...Hancars or something. So far, nothing official yet from Kia PH. EV5 comes first they said.

    2. I hope this time Kia passes the 0% tax benefit to its customers and price the EV5 appropriately.


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