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November 16, 2023

Geely GX3 Pro Owners Say They've Found "The One"

In the bustling landscape of urban living, a reliable and comfortable daily commute is a luxury. You need a trustworthy companion to take you from home to the workplace and back with ease. Geely presents its latest offering, the GX3 Pro, which it thinks fits the bill. But don’t just take our word for it; take it from Arjie and Joseph who’re willing to share their ownership thoughts.

Arjie, a first-time vehicle owner, has become a very satisfied GX3 Pro user as well.

“The GX3 Pro is very comfortable to drive and has a strong engine,” Arjie recounts. “Its features like cruise control, different driving modes, sunroof, tire pressure and monitoring reverse cam are very useful to my wife and I as first-time car owners.”

Meanwhile, comfort is paramount for those who spend hours on the road.

“I had a fun time driving while listening to the music. I appreciate how crisp the sound is and how fuel-efficient the vehicle was,” said Joseph, who drove his GX3 Pro for four hours during a recent trip to the beach.

Joseph also recalls how abundant legroom, ergonomic interior, and supportive suspension were big pluses to him and his passengers. They arrived at their destination feeling refreshed.

Will you be like Arjie and Joseph who’ve found their go-to daily commute companion in the Geely GX3 Pro? With 38 dealerships across the Philippines, you can check out and test drive one at your nearest Geely dealership.


  1. More reasons to avoid this car.

  2. The fuck they knoww? First car owner....
    And praise another chinese gasoline suv lol the fuck really

    1. Depends on one's standards, really. Since they're 1st time car owners, it definitely beats public transportation here in the Philippines.

  3. If you're a negative person, don't or maybe you're anti Chinese.. if not for them you can't experience premium car at affordable price.
    Negativity can't help but bitterness!


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