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July 22, 2014

Review: 2014 Mazda3 1.5 V Skyactiv

Photos by Ulysses Ang
Consider me spoiled. It’s not every day you look forward to driving an entry-level variant mainly because you’ve already tried their range-topping model. But, they say that well-engineered cars, no matter the variant, should have the same great DNA with or without the extra trimmings. And that brings us to the all-new Mazda3 1.5 V Skyactiv sedan—the sub-million brother to the awesome 2.0 R Skyactiv and currently, the most affordable entry point to the world of Skyactiv. Is it every bit as good as its big brother? How does it perform?

It actually performs very well, thank you for asking. As long as you’ve recalibrated your mind that it’s down some 43 horsepower and 56 Nm of torque than the 2.0 R, then you’re going to do just fine. For those who’re all into facts and figures, the Mazda3’s new 1.5-liter Skyactiv engine actually produces similar power (112 horsepower at 6,000 rpm) and torque (144 Nm at 3,500 rpm) as the outgoing 1.6-liter MZR. And like its bigger engined brother, you have to wring out more gas to get some decent pace going, perhaps even more so, but based purely on subjective feel, it’s more than enough for the home to work commute.

From idle to about 3,000 rpm, the Mazda3 1.5 V feels rather sedate, but thankfully there’s usable amount of torque that kicks in soon thereafter. It does feel a lot like the previous Mazda3 1.6 in a straight line with one great exception: the all-new Mazda3 1.5 V has a great ally in its 6-speed automatic. Knowing quite well that the engine has a narrow power band, Mazda has engineered the automatic to kick down a gear with the slightest provocation of the gas pedal producing good grunt together with growly intake note. Like the 2.0 R, the 1.5 V comes with paddle shifters which can be flicked up and down at any time. But the excellent tuning of the gearbox makes this almost unnecessary (except perhaps when you’re tackling curving mountain roads or negotiating an overtaking maneuver fully-loaded with passengers). Driven purely in the city, the Mazda3 1.5 V does 10.30 km/L—a big improvement over the non-Skyactiv Mazda3 1.6 V (8.70 km/L). The kicker though is that the 2.0 Skyactiv produces identical figures to the 1.5 Skyactiv: 10.20 km/L. Credit that to the 2.0’s standard i-ELOOP and i-Stop, both of which aren’t present in the 1.5-liter model.

Equipped with taller and slightly narrower tires than the 2.0 (205/60R16 versus 215/45R18), the Mazda3 1.5 V feels much more comfortable and compliant through Manila’s roughly patched roads. Even if you purposely drive it through cracked pavement, the 1.5 V will absorb them even better than the 2.0 R can.  In fact, the Mazda3 1.5 V produces a plush ride without sacrificing the sporty handling the Mazda3’s known for. The more conservative tire set-up means the 1.5 V feels much more stable in a straight line (less nervous steering) and less susceptible to crosswinds.  Of course, there’s a trade-off to all this comfort and that’s a slower initial steering response. However, once you get used to having to move the steering wheel more, the 1.5 V is still a rewarding compact sedan to drive. The brakes too don’t bite as well, perhaps because the tires are of the low rolling resistance variety, but again, these are fairly minor issues.

Given the Mazda3 1.5 V’s positioning as an entry-level model, this variant does sacrifice quite a bit in terms of both exterior and interior features. However, that’s not to say that it’s a plain-looking car. Outside, the 1.5 V looks like the 2.0 R with the exception of the HID headlamps, lip-type rear spoiler, and the sunroof, all of which (except the sunroof) are easily rectifiable with aftermarket parts. These are minor compared to what the 1.5 V loses inside. Gone are things such as the leather seats, heads-up display, Smart Key keyless entry/exit (though there’s still the push-button engine start/stop), auto dimming rear view mirror, and rain-sensing wipers. Even the overhead sunglass holder’s gone and given how cubby holes are already at a premium inside, that’s a tremendous loss that is felt. Another feature loss worth grieving over is the loss of adjustable lumbar support. As a sufferer of a slipped disc, the Mazda3 1.5 V’s seats are now less than ideal for long stints behind the wheel (though the fabric quality used on the seats is quite good). Nonetheless, given that the Mazda3 1.5 V is priced at P 945,000 (the 2.0 R is at P 1,195,000), it still has a wealth of features, some of which are still class-exclusives. This is headlined by the MazdaConnect infotainment system that includes the built-in GPS, Bluetooth telephony, and even voice-activated menus.

Thanks to its wealth of additional features, the Mazda3 2.0 R Skyactiv is still the one to get. It’s just as fuel-efficient as the 1.5 V and you can’t deny that the P 250,000 goes a long, long way in terms of creature features. However, if you are strapped for cash and want to get into the Skyactiv action, the Mazda3 1.5 V is a great and solid contender. It does lose quite a bit in terms of standard equipment, but it manages to carry the very same basic DNA that makes the Mazda3 a great compact car. It may not feel as if it ripped up the compact car rule book as its 2.0-liter brother, but you can’t deny that it’s a great commuter car, especially perhaps if you’re looking for a number coding car to add to your garage.

2014 Mazda3 1.5 V
Ownership 2014 Mazda3 1.5 V
Year Introduced 2014
Vehicle Classification Compact
The Basics
Body Type 4-door Sedan
Seating 5
Engine / Drive F/F
Under the Hood
Displacement (liters) 1.5
Aspiration NA
Layout / # of Cylinders I4
BHP @ rpm 112 @ 6,000
Nm @ rpm 144 @ 3,500
Fuel / Min. Octane Gasoline/91~
Transmission 6AT
Cruise Control No
Dimensions and Weights
Length (mm) 4,580
Width (mm) 1,795
Height (mm) 1,450
Wheelbase (mm) 2,700
Curb Weight (kg) 1,254
Suspension and Tires
Front Suspension Independent, MacPherson Strut
Rear Suspension Independent, Multi-Link
Front Brakes Vented Disc
Rear Brakes Disc
Tires 205/60R16
Wheels Alloy
Safety Features
Airbags 2
Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) Yes
Traction / Stability Control Yes
Parking Sensors Yes
Exterior Features
Headlights Halogen
Fog Lamps Yes, Front
Auto Lights No
Auto Wipers No
Interior Features
Steering Wheel Adjustment Tilt/Telescopic
Steering Wheel Material Leather (as tested) / Urethane (standard)
Seating Adjustment Manual
Seating Surface Fabric
Folding Rear Seat Yes, 60/40
On-Board Computer Yes
Convenience Features
Power Steering Yes
Power Door Locks Yes
Power Windows Yes
Power Mirrors Yes
Climate Control Yes
Audio System Stereo
No. of Speakers 6
Steering Wheel Controls Yes


  1. Honest question Uly, does it feel underpowered like the previous Mazda 3 1.6V?

    1. I would say the new Mazda3 feels adequate especially around the city. You'll only find it lacking if you take it on long distance drives regularly.

  2. Finally, an input from Sir Uly. I've been waiting for his review since the launched of 2014 Mazda 3. I was torn between the Mazda 3 1.5V vs Toyota Altis 1.6V.

    And this review made my day. I'm leaning now on getting the 2014 Mazda 3 1.5V.

    Thanks for the great and honest review!

  3. Looks good but the engine... I wish they used at least a 1.8L for the lowest variant. A 1.5L engine is best used only for the subcompact class.

  4. thank you for this review! i have a question though, which one looks better this sedan or the hatchback because my parents are planning to get us this 1.5V? thank you again. :)

    1. Honestly, the sedan looks much more complete...

      But seriously, you're better off skipping the 1.5L and go straight for the 2.0L model.

    2. i would really love to have the 2.0R but, i can't really ask for to much from my parents right? 250k isn't a small amount. thank you for the answer though. i've seen a lot of pictures of the sedan but haven't seen any hatchback yet. i really love the look of the hatchback on the 2.0R. it looks sporty. i'm just hoping it would look the same on the 1.5V. v

    3. The 1.5 is available also in hatchback form for an additional P 3,000. They actually look identitical from most aspects.

      Oddly enough I prefer the more formal look of the sedan. The hatchback looks a bit too sporty for my taste. But to each his own. The hatchback does offer more cargo flexibility than the sedan but the sedan offers a separated trunk space.

    4. thank you! might be getting the hatchback then by next month hopefully. still hoping that i would see an actual unit though before i really decide.

    5. Before getting the Mazda 3, you might also want to consider other options like the Corolla Altis or even the Honda Civic/City.

  5. How's nvh compared to the altis?

    1. I would say that the Altis has a more isolated experience.

      For the most part, the Mazda 3 1.5 is almost comparable with the exception of the tire noise which is noticeable.

      The Altis is much quieter.

  6. which would you choose..a safer car or a quieter one?..altis 1.5 does not have traction control and stability control..pffft..

    1. Can a road noise sound kill you? Hehehe. I would definitely choose the safer car

      There's a comparo review between the Mazda 3 1.5V vs Toyota Altis 1.6V last June issue of TopGear Magazine

      And they chose the Mazda 3 1.5V as the winner

    2. Wait, I thought TopGear chose the Altis as the winner? (Only browsed a copy of it in a bookstore of sub-international category)

  7. You did not mention the Yojin 3 package: 3 years of free maintenance, labor & parts, with concierge!

    Now that's a great deal!

    1. you dont need any of that if you have a SUPER RELIABLE

    2. Then try not changing your Toyota's oil for 3 years and let's see if it remains super reliable. "LOL".

    3. Made in Japan ang mazda 3. Kung reliability lang hanap mo, you know what they say about the high quality Japanese made cars.

    4. They say Japanese made cars also break down

    5. But what does that say about Thailand-made or local-made compact sedans? I'd still prefer a 100% Japan CBU like the Mz3 over the "reliable"-kuno Altis.

  8. Any car will break down if not maintained regularly. So there's always a cost to maintenance that we cannot neglect. The Yojin 3 package helps minimize that cost by shouldering it for us for 3 years. The rest not covered by Yojin 3 we'll shoulder of course...wiper blades, tires, etc. (please correct me if i'm wrong...the Yojin 3 covers oil change only, is that right?)

    1. These are what Yojin 3 covers: PMS, warranty and 24/7 roadside assistance. All of them are free for 3 years. Anyway, if the Mazda 3 is not a good buy, why does it have a long reservation list and delivery waiting time to its buyers? It does mean that there is a lot of demand for the Mazda 3.

    2. Isn't the long waiting list of the Mazda 3 just because Mazda does not have the same production capacity as its other japanese counterparts?

      Last I recall, I read that for this year, there should only be 500 units of the Mazda 3 that is allocated for the Philippines.

      While if you can find it, when the Honda City was launched, there were already 2500 units reserved by buyers.

      The long line just means they can't keep up with the current demand. But they didn't exactly what the demand was especially if you compare it to what is the demand/output for the other cars in the same segment.

      I still feel that they should have made Yojin 3 an option you could take out. It is stupid and a waste of resources if you don't travel 60,000kms.

      Fully synthetic oil is good for 10000kms or 1 year and I do the same/similar schedule for all our petrol cars in the family.

      Why the need to force me to have the vehicle serviced/oil change twice a year? I know I paid for it, but that's my point. Take it out and just make me pay when I need it done, not because Mazda says so

      That is still paying about 30-40kphp upfront just because of Yojin 3. If you need it as you do drive those 60000kms in 3 years, they you don't need to take it out. But for what is normal to most buyers, they are clocking in around 10000kms within a year only.

      I hope they do that in the future for their vehicles.

      Plus, if your capacitor/battery fails within the 3 years, I know that's not included in Yojin 3 anyway, so it doesn't offer the protection on the parts costs some are thinking.

    3. 1. There are 2500 units already reserved for the Honda City because it is made locally. In contrast, Mazda 3's are made in Japan which I assume shares production with other parts of the world, thus the backlog.

      2. Yojin 3 is not a waste of resources. It makes (forces?) you to take care of your car more as the maintenance is already "free" (but it is definitely included in the sticker price). This will give the image that Mazda vehicles are well-maintained (at least for the first 3 years) and will help in its resale value.

    4. @Anonymous 7/24/2014 11:10a,

      1: Yes but I think the point is missed in my post. I am simply saying that the "long waiting list" for the Mazda 3 never stated how many there were actually reserved/reserving the unit while the stocks are not yet here. We know there are 2500 waiting in line for the City. How many are waiting for the Mazda 3? That is unknown. And that is a fact. To cite an example, if you can only serve say 1 unit a month (for an exageration), even if you are only the 10th person waiting in line, then there is technically a 10th month waiting list.

      2. Yojin 3 is a waste because you are changing the oil on a schedule when you don't need to yet. As you stated as well, it will give the "image" that Mazda vehicles are well maintained, hence an illusion that costs around 40k upfront.

      If I rack up 10k kms per year, then I need only spend 6k for year 1, year 2 and also year 3. And I can deduct that from the SRP cost of the vehicle.

      I still took care of the car properly, hence I don't need to give an image that my car is well maintained just because I did not follow the Yojin 3 schedule of every 6 months. They will sign the service booklet like every other car brand would they not as long as I have the car serviced in Mazda.

      It does not a 30k PMS car over the span of 3 years any less maintained that a 30k odo car that got serviced with a 60k PMS style/regiment don't you agree?

      The point of course is moot when we are talking about vehicles costing more than 1m php. But for sub 1m php, the Yojin 3 upfront cost is more a significant percentage, which I believe is not a smart move by Berjaya to make it all inclusive throughout their model lineup.

      Just think about the ramifications to the pricing when we go down further to the Mazda 2 lineup and even the possibility of the CX3 if and when it is launched?

      That's all I am saying. I wish it was an option for buyers to choose, rather than no choice.

    5. As far as i know..oil change is done (gasoline engine) 10,000kms or 6mos which ever comes first..a car wont age well if not maintained properly..except if you have "THE" SUPER RELIABLE TOYOTA..or maybe your car's badge is that which i mentioned above..LMAO..or maybe you aint reading your owner's manual..oil change done only at 10,000kms is a sign of poor maintenance by the owner..what if you reach 10,000kms in a year and a half?..uh! need to go on with my change only when 10,000kms is achieved..what kind of car care is that..pfft..

    6. @anonymous 7/24/2014 6:35pm

      In case you did not read, fully synthetic oil change is dome every 10000kms or 1 year. Whichever comes first, not every 6 months.
      Pretending to be smart only makes you a smart*ss. So do read the post properly.

      Its okay if you are willing to dump your money unto needless oil changes every 6 months when it is not needed. Its your money, ill stick with 1 year or 10000kms. At least those are facts i did not make up on my own.

    7. Hmmm, maybe you did not read the warranty booklets of your vehicles. All cars that we own (Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai and Ford) specify that oil change intervals should be every 10,000 kms or 6 months whichever comes first if you are using fully synthetic engine oil. Not 1 year. Our former Volvo has specified that oil change intervals are every 15,000 kms or 1 year whichever comes first.
      Kindly check your warranty booklet again.

      And do not bash Mazda's Yojin 3 program as it really benefits Mazda owners. Hassle free maintenance for them for 3 years.

    8. i know facts about the fully synthetic oil cuz we've been using it too since it came out..but my point is its more proper to have an oil change every 10,000 or 7mos at least even if you're using the fully synthetic oil..why dont you try an experiment,(same car,same oil)try to drive a car that has gone an oil change and drive another one which have not and you'll feel the difference..(especially in an AT car,you'll notice that when its shifting gears..oil changed car shift at lower rpm)..and by the way..sorry about me being dumb pretending to be smartass..and yeah, im very much willing to dump my money unto NEEDLESS oil change just to ENSURE that my car is ALWAYS in its PEAK 'bout that huh?..

    9. now who's pretending to be "THE" SMARTASS here?..what a jerk..would you rather follow facts about fully synthetic oil than what is written on your owner's that's very smart of genius..and what is your problem about mazda's yojin3 huh?..owners of mazda are definitely happy about it..what's wrong with you?..maybe your just mad because your manufacturer does not have it..sell your crap a mazda so you can avail of free PMS for 3 freakin years..LMAO!!!

    10. @Anonymous 7/24/2014 10:36pm

      Ok. I'll humor you tomorrow and check the manual again for your benefit (not mine).

      But we have been doing so for years of having our petrol powered cars on a 10000kms / 1 year service interval. We also check the oil dipstick if has turned dark to be sure and we have no problem you are harping about.

      But add an outsider information source which is a third party, you can read up on this.

    11. @Anonymous 7/24/2014 10:36pm

      And by years I mean 10 years at least and the cars are still running fine and the family is still using them as daily driver. So I am not pulling this out of my *ss.

      And I am talking about fully synthetic oils for the 1 year or 10000kms interval.

      Semi synthetic is different and should be replaced about 6 - 8 months which is near what you are saying. (as adviced)

      Mineral oil should be changed every 3 months ideally but I stretch it to 6 months or 5000kms..Been doing this for our older diesel. 1998 Toyota Revo MT Diesel having 155Tkms on it. Still got 12.4km/l on it on a MNL - Batangas - MNL run just early this year.

      Changing oil frequently does not hurt your vehicle, I will not argue against it, but I repeat it is a waste of time and resources if it is not needed.

    12. @Anonymous 7/24/2014 10:36pm

      Sorry for the language yesterday. Had a bad day and I took offense to your first reply immediately and it just spiraled.

      But anyway, as I promised I will divulge what is indicated in the manual.

      I checked. A 2009 Toyota Altis 1.6 AT Requires you to have PMS interval every 3 months or 5000kms (ludicrous to me) with no breakdown of the difference in the PMS of severe.normal or does not inform of what type of oil is used when following the service interval mentioned in the booklet whether mineral, semi or fully synthetic.

      The same applies to the 2008 Honda City i-Dsi CVT. It shows all three types of oil can be used for the vehicle (mineral, semi and fully synthetic), no indication of a different PMS interval for severe and normal conditions, and just says every 10000kms or 6 months.

      Below is the what constitues severe driving conditions which necessitate changing oil more frequently:
      Most trips are less than 10 miles (16 km). This is particularly important when outside temperatures are below freezing.
      Most trips include extensive idling (such as frequent driving in stop-and-go traffic).
      The vehicle is frequently driven in dusty areas, like on dirt or gravel roads.
      The vehicle is frequently used for towing a trailer or using a carrier on top, both of which place extra demands on the engine.
      The vehicle is used for delivery service, police, taxi, or other commercial applications

      But for the Honda and Toyota I mentioned we asked the SA about it before we did the 10T kms interval with fully synthetic oil and there were no issues.We had no voided warranties as well after that.

      We also owned a 1999 Toyota Altis (for 9 years) and 2005 Toyota Innova (for 4 years) before and they were working fine with the same intervals (10000kms/1year) until Ondoy hit and ruined them.

      So I still go with the 10t kms or 1 year interval for fully synthetic oils. There are also newer oil that are extended life so you can change oil every 15t kms if you rack up more kms within a year to reduce the number of oil change intervals.

      and just for excerpts as to why I am against unnecessary oil changes because of wastage. here is the excerpt from the edmunds article:

      Chris Risdon, a product education specialist for Toyota agreed, adding that oil technology advances that permit fewer changes are a tool to protect the environment. "If you're doing it half as much, that's 5 quarts of oil times 1.7 million vehicles a year — that's a tremendous amount of waste oil that's not being circulated into the environment."

    13. Ayaw talaga patalo ni Kuya. Talagang nagbasa pa talaga ng mga manuals ng auto nya kagabi para lang may pang-reply. Hahaha! :))

      Yung change oil sa Yojin 3 para lang free refillable drinks yan sa mga restaurants, kahit hindi mo pa ubos yung drinks mo, anytime pwede mong i-refill. Basta as long na walang babayaran.


      Nag-assume kasi na yung Yojin 3 pinatong sa sticker price ng mga Mazda Cars kaya todo makaburaot sa Yojin 3. Hehehe! :D


    14. "KASI LIBRE!" ?! Ugok, you paid it upfront. Nothing is free TANGA

  9. Cool. the HMI is still included. As is the touch screen. If you take a look at the lower-end models in the Americas, you'll find a somewhat cheesy looking substitute with buttons and knobs where the LCD is on our version.

    For comparison's sake, I looked up the 2014 1.6 Altis' output (122HP, 154Nm) and the new Honda City's 1.5 (120HP, 145Nm) to the Mazda 3 (112 HP and 144 Nm). Fair enough, the 3 loses out on numbers, but it produces its 144Nm at a much lower engine speed than either competitor (3500rpm for the 3 vs 5200 and 4800 for the Altis and the City respectively). I like it.

    1. Yeah, but that means the mazda 3 1.5L top speed is crap.

  10. Chill lang mga bro...we are all entitled to how we want to take care of our car. I think both of you raised good points. On one end, i agree that it would be nice to have an option to "opt out" of the Yojin 3 (this would be for car lovers who are passionate about taking care of their car their own way)...and on another end, i also see the point that the Yojin 3 helps customers not worry about their cars maintenance...we just think 10000kms or 6 months...whichever comes first, take it back to the Casa and have them do their regular maintenance. (different strokes for different folks)

    In the end, we're all entitled to our opinion...we are all car lovers and given that we are on this thread, i'd say we all like or at least we are all interested in the Mazda let's respect each others views. Peace...:D

    1. Plus one on the above comment. Majority of the Filipino Car owners has only one Car to maintain. And having YOJIN 3 package will definitely a big help for each one of them.

      For Christ sake, YOJIN 3 is not only about changing oil. Only envious and stupid people will say YOJIN 3 is waste of service.

      Waiting time for the Mazda 3 now is 2-3 months. My SA told that we only get a mere 10% of the supply from Japan whereas Europe and North America get 45% respectively.

    2. @Anonymous 7/25/2014 @ 10:00am

      I acknowledge I was rude in my reply yesterday and I do apologize for it but the fact of the matter is with regards to whether you actually needing to change the oil or not?

      Other markets actually have an oil quality sensor built in to tell you whether you actually need to replace you oil.

      I know PMS 5k, 15k, 25k, etc intervals are not just about oil change, but most are "checks" and rarely need replace.

      It is simply valuing the time (lost when the vehicle is being serviced) and material (oil being changed and thrown away when it is actually still good).

      As I said, it is your money if you are okay with just spending it upfront. I am simply saying, if its not needed yet, wouldn't you be happier savings that money/material instead of just throwing it away?

      That is just my argument regarding it which is why I am just wishing for an opt out of Yojin 3 as an option. And you can even compare the cost savings (initial) against the overall expenses (within 3 years) of PMS for two similar cars that undergo the PMS with and without Yojin 3. To see whether you did in fact save or not.

      That's the way I see it.

    3. kadalsan ng nagpo-post dito hindi newbie at nagre-research kaya huwag mo kaming lecture-ran boy..yung post mo na link sa edmunds tungkol sa fully synthetic oil, matagal ko nang nabasa yan boy..kaya huwag masyadong pa-MISTER-KNOW-IT-ALL dahil kung may alam ka..may alam din kami..and please huwag mo nang ipagyabang ang mga kotse uulitin..huwag masyadong genius..LMFAO..

      Anata jishin anata ga baka mitai ni detekita warai to akka..AHAHAHA

    4. @Bo S

      Hindi naman sa pag mamarunung yang concern e.

      Kung alam mo pala na hindi nga kelangan pala palitan ang fully synthetic oil in 10000kms or 1 year, bakit mo papalitan in 6 months kung di pala kelangan?

      May exemption nga yun which is severe driving conditions which does not apply to most drivers.

      So ang tanong nga, bakit mo gagawin at gagastusan kung hindi kelangan gawin pala?

      Yojin 3 incorporated naman sigurado sa SRP kaya kaya nila ibigay na no charges over the span of 3 years. It does not make business sense to just give it away for free.

      Kung 40000php ang worth ng Yojin 3 na pinapagawa sa sasakyan mo at 20000php worth of service ang actual need to do if you don't change your oil as frequently, should you not as a buyer have the option to opt out tapos pagawa mo na lang and pay as you go along?

      In the end, it is the buyer or the consumer who saves anyway kaya nga mas nakabubuti naman sa consumer kung may opt out. It gives them the choice kung upfront nalang nila babayarang yung PMS costs ng yojin 3 para di sila mag lalabas ulit within the 3 year period of ownership and service, or ibawasan na lang sa MSRP ng kotse nila yung Yojin 3 para di mapatungan ng interest.

      At least may option ka. Yun lang naman. Kaya nga pera niyo yan, nagbibigay opposing opinion. Pero kung gusto niyo nga ibigay upfront sa kanila, wala naman masama. Basta sana ibigay nila as an option, instead na no choice ka.

    5. ^ correction:
      Kung alam mo na pala na kelangan lang palitan ang fully synethic oil every 10000kms or 1 year, bakit mo pa papalitan every 6 months kung di pala kelangan?

  11. With or without Yojin 3, I will definitely buy this looker when I get home. :D

    Thanks for the great review!

  12. Matsuda (mazda) wa hete, anata wa itsumoda.. Tonikaku, naze watashi wa anata ni watashinojikan o mudanisuru hitsuyō ga arimasu.. Kare jishin ni michite iru hito to hanashi o suru no wa muzukashī koto no tame no opushon.. O motsu koto ga dekinainode, jiyū ni 3 o yojin Nihon no gijutsu o miagetaga, anata ga sonoyōni omowa reru baai wa, kanarazu baka ni narimasu··· tonikaku sore no izureka o rikai shinai..

    1. its for you to the way..its Nihongo..anata dake to katei shite bakadakara, anata wa monku o iwanai tonikaku sore o rikai shite..baka..baka..baka..wakaranai?..BAKA!!!

    2. Ok, follow up question.

      Why the fuck would someone speak Nihongo in a Philippine based website?! I mean, who else would fuckin' understand you other than yourself? For fuck's sake, just stick with English man! Not everyone knows that language.

    3. dear,

      please ban Bo S in your site because he speaks japanese. we do not understand him and its a big deal for some.


    4. Just realized thay I don't give a rat's ass about what that Bo S was saying. I bet he doesn't even have something interesting to say anyway.

  13. Mr. Assuming said na kaya nya nasabi na yung Yojin 3 ay pinatong sa sticker price ng Mazda cars kasi "It does not make business sense daw to just give it away for free". Nice logic! Hahaha! Sabihin na natin na worth P40k yung Yojin 3. Minus natin yan sa top variant ng Mazda 3 which is P1,195,000. So papatak na P1,1155,000 lang yung top variant ng Mazda 3 na CBU JAPAN pa.

    Against Competition:
    Honda Civic - P1,368,000
    Toyota Altis - P1,201,000
    Lancer GTA - P1,195,000
    Ford Focus - P1,218,000

    Yung pricing ng Mazda now is very competitive. Si Mr. Assuming lang nagcocomplicate kasi nasa UTAK nya dinagdag yung Yojin 3 sa sticker price ng mga Mazda Cars. Paano ka makakatipid eh kahit sabihin natin pwede mag-opt out ng Yojin 3, eh free nga sya eh. Ikaw lang gunggong na nagpupumilit na worth 40k sya na pwede ibawas sa sticker price. :D

    Masyado kasing butthurt kasi yung Auto niya walang free PMS. Hehehe. :D
    FYI, yung Berjaya Group who owns Mazda Philippines has billions in net worth in dollars. So yung sinasabi mong 40k na worth ng Yojin 3, pipitsugin lang sa kanila yun.

    1. "Just think about the ramifications to the pricing when we go down further to the Mazda 2 lineup and even the possibility of the CX3 if and when it is launched?"

      Check that statement in one of the posts. Hindi naman kasi pertaining to the TOTL models lang ang Yojin 3 dahil all encompassing nga siya sa lahat ng models being sold by Berjaya.

      Sa 1m php above priced na vehicles, sure, insignificant nga siya to barely noticeable. Chump change kung tawagin.

      Pero once you go below 1m php, an upfront change of 40k php is a big deal the lower the price bracket or segment na kinakalaban mo at kung san ka nagcater.

      Tsaka isipin mo nga ganito. Kung nakapatong yung 40k nga sa costs, and you can pay it later, at least kung financing ka, baba yung obligation mo to the bank by the reduction in the MSRP because there is no Yojin 3. Hindi upfront yung cost and charges sa iyo.

      Still has also not address the big price gap between the Ranger and BT50 with yojin 3 as well mind you.

      Wala naman libre sa mundo.

      At yung analogy mo sa taas tungkol sa free refill, eh nagbayad ka na bottomless na mas mahal upfront nun na more than kung bumili ka ng isang baso lang na kelangan mo lang talaga. Oh sige, nakatungga ka ng 6 basong ice tea/coke, nakabuti ba sa iyo? Hindi diba? Feeling mo lang nasulit mo pero nakasama ka sa ibang bagay.

      Tsaka yung 10k PMS sinasabi ko pang fully synthetic, iba naman usapan kung semi synthetic kinakarga sa kotse mo during Yojin 3 diba? talagang every 6 months yun. Mas mura din ang semi synthetic sa fully synthetic. So talgang mali nga, hindi 40k ang cost ng yojin 3 kung ganun.

    2. Typo error. P1,155,000 yung top variant minus the P40k (Yojin 3) base kay Mr. Assuming. :D

      Bigyan kita ng idea Mr. Assuming kung ano pricing ng Mazda bago bilhin ng Berjaya Group.

      Mazda 3 1.6V - P1,099,000
      Mazda 3 2.0R - P1,299,000

      Sa dami ng awards ng 2014 Mazda 3, sa tingin mo yung actual value lang ng top variant CBU JAPAN is only P1,155,000? Tapos mag-aasume ka pa na pinatong yung Yojin 3 sa sticker price kaya naging P1,195,000. :D

      Bigyan ng jacket yan si Mr. Assuming! :D

    3. Mag aagree sana ako sa iyo na tanggalin ang yojin 3 pero di naman ito nakakaapekto sa presyo halos. In fact, Mazda cars are still competitively priced even with the yojin 3. Plus its made in Japan, dapat nga mas mahal pa ang presyo nila dahil sa taxes pero nagawa nilang maging competitive. So ang point ko, bakit mo aalisin ang yojin 3 kung di naman sagabal sa pricing? Isa pa, ang ganda pakinggan na free ang PMS, magandang marketing strategy yun kasi enticing para sa mga buyers. Kahit na anong compute mo dyan na mas mahal, may mga ma aattract pa rin na mga tao dahil sa yojin 3. Hahaha.

    4. ^
      the comment was for the guy who keeps on insisting to remove the yojin 3.

    5. Not remove, make it an option, you can opt out before you buy the car. Entirely different concept.

      Throughout this, I haven't seen any owner clarify, what are they topping up with Yojin 3... semi synthetic or fully synthetic?

      Isn't that a point of contention that seems to have flown over everyone's head?

    6. I asked a sales representative, he said fully synthetic oil is used in yojin 3's PMS. Brake fluid, ATF, air filters, oil filters and etc are also free. Every 6 months pa rin daw. I also asked honda, same din kahit fully synthetic, PMS is still 6 months.

    7. ok mate. just to shut you up. and its for your benefit anyway. i'm going to call berjaya motor's ceo early in the morning tomorrow and tell him if he could make yojin3 optional for you. ahaha! WHOS WITH ME?

  14. Hayaan nyo na lang yan si Mr. Assuming. Medyo masakit sa puso nya kasi sa totoo lang Mazda 3 talaga yung gusto nyan. Kaso practicality kicked-in kaya kumuha na lang ng Nissan Syphilis. Hehehe! :D

  15. just my theory: maybe Yojin3 is Mazda's attempt to bring in lots of customers (hopefully loyal ones) for them to basically thrive and be accepted as the other established/dominant brands here, consequently improving resale value, social acceptance and so on. Noble, really. and for the long run, profitable. Maybe It's that simple. It's a bold bet if true, which makes them really exciting. we don;t know.. maybe It's all just gimmick as most people think as per the comments i read above.

  16. To the guy who is bashing mazda's yojin 3. Let me ask you this, are you going to buy a mazda if you can opt out yojin 3?

    Another thing. If you are assuming that yojin 3 is not free. Then its also safe to assume that toyota's reliability is just a perception and that extended warranties are actually added to a car's price.

    And before i forget, if i think like you do then its also safe to assume that kias and hyundais are not reliable and they're not worth buying.

    1. I am not bashing yojin3, but I am simply stating it as a fact of why it can be an option to opt out for buyers. To answer your question, yes. If there was an opt out and it is simply the matter of how much it lowered the sticker price. It's a business not a charity. So it is not free no matter what the marketing spiel is.

      Warranties do not add to the sticker price as the manufacturers know fully well that the equipments will not fail within the said period, plus its a limited warranty. So I don't know why you bring up extended warranties because most of the dealers here offer 100000kms/3 year warranty. However, there are those that have increased that to 5 years. But they don't add to the sticker price because the warranty is still below the rated lifespan of the item being guaranteed.

      They were not as reliable, but now they are. The only problem now is just the dealer has very limited stock of parts for items such as suspension etc while under warranty period. Minimum waiting time is usually 3 weeks to a month. So it's not the vehicles fault with regards to that but just the dealer stocking them.

      Has that answered your questions?

    2. The point I am making is with regards to reducing waste. Just think about it for a second at least.

      If the fully synthetic oil is rated to last 10000kms or 1 year, why change it every 6 months when it is still good?

      Fine, it might be a small amount to pay, but think about the waste it generates. As long as it is not harmful to the car, why the need to be forced to change the oil then?

      Now, ,it is a different story if the vehicles were equipped with an oil quality sensor. At least your vehicle is telling you that you need to schedule your PMS to change the oil in the engine, not just because it is a scheduled reminder, but because the oil is about to go bad.

      Doesn't that make sense?

    3. then the jake above just answered you back for me..ahaha..LMAO!!!..nice one jake..actually in my own opinion i'm very thankful that there's this yojin3..its a GREAT DEAL!!!..its a great value considering the price of its competitors..its a fully loaded car with free PMS for 3 years..RIGHT?!..anyone care to agree..ahaha..LMAO

    4. That's why it is called Preventive Maintenance Schedule. It prevents the problem even before it starts. Same reason why we changed our Honda's ATF when it reached 60000km. We know ATF last longer than that but still we replaced it in order to prevent future problems. Naninigurado lang siguro yung mga companies na talagang walang mangyayaring problema.


      Of course, driving conditions are seldom ideal. Lots of idling, stop-and-go traffic, extremely hot or cold weather, humidity and towing can all decrease the lifespan of engine oil. Plus, every car is a little different. The interval that is perfectly fine for one car could be way too long for another. So in reality, very few drivers will go 25,000 miles without an oil change, even if they spring for high-grade synthetic oil. And most of them shouldn't, although some can go 10,000 without a problem [source: CIWMB].

      The best advice, then? Ignore the oil industry and go by your car's user manual, which will probably advise an interval of 5,000 miles or more. You'll save some money -- and possibly keep the world a little greener in the process.

      there you go..BEST ADVICE CHECK YOUR CAR'S USER MANUAL..1 year may work for your car but there are cars that needs oil change every 6 or 7 months at least (even when using high grade synthetic oil or fully synthetic oil) even when 10,000 kms is not achieved..and yojin 3 does not cover oil change only its a free PMS for 3 years..covers engine oil,a/t oil,power steering oil,coolant,brake fluid,filters including aircon filter,sparkplugs,as well as labor for the PMS...its not just about oil change..when we say PMS we all know that its not just about oil change so yojin3 really matters..

    6. Good point, but cars today don't use power steering fluids anymore. EPS does not require it.

    7. I am with the guy who thinks the yojin 3 should be optional. For the rest of you, think with your head, nothing is free in this automobile business. It is because you buy the car with your parents' money doesn't mean every penny doesn't count. Wait till you become a parent and your kid will do the same thing to you!!!

  17. No need to ask Mr. Assuming because he already chosen the Nissan Syphilis over the Mazda 3. Which is his top two choices.

    You said emotionally you really love the Mazda 3. Hehehe. So what's up with all these bashing.

    Did it hit you already that you bought the wrong car? Hehehe! :D

    Probably you saw one (Mazda 3) on the road while driving your appliance and you felt that you should be driving that car instead.

    Then after you want to feel good that's why you went here and started bashing some people.

    How's your ride so far? Hindi ba tunog lata? Hehehe! :D

    1. @Jake

      I just thought of not bothering to answer you but since you want to know.

      Nope. Love the Nissan Sylphy. I love the ride more than the Mazda 3. I don't regret the purchase. Power is more than ample and I don't feel lacking even on highway cruise. Love the noise insulation inside the cabin more than the Mazda 3, I feel it has better speakers as well eventhough they aren't the BOSE speakers in the Altima.

      I still tell people who ask me what car to consider to look at both the Mazda 3 and the Sylphy to consider their needs when they are exploring this segment. I tell them to move away from the Altis.

      As I stated in my posts, since you already know me from another forum, the rear seats were the main deal breaker for me for the Mazda 3, followed by the DI, and just no opt of the Yojin 3 (minimal which is why I am asking why there is no opt out).

      The Sylphy rides better, FC so far appears to be the same between both the Mazda 1.5V and the Sylphy 1.6CVT. Seats are also more comfty in the Sylphy which helps when my parents ride with me.

      As for tunog lata. Nope, both Mazda 3 and the Sylphy felt like having similar build qualities. I put the Toyota Altis lower than the two (for me).

      I got the perfect car for my needs. I only wish they did not take out the 60-40 split rear seats to connect to the boot.

      Has that answered your question?

      Love both cars really as it was a neck and neck choice for me. If the rear seats were better, only the DI issue would have held me back which is now a non-issue as per Mr. Steven Tan.

    2. May I ask, why did you choose the Sylphy over the altis or civic? I checked these cars in their respective showroom and I have to say the Altis' build quality is great. The civic is also quite good.

    3. so you got a i understand why...ahaha...LMAO...i'd rather buy elantra over selfie...oh man that sucks...what a bland looking car...or i'd rather step down to a subcompact car and get the top variant honda city...wooo...this guy definitely have no taste...cant stop laughing...selfie selfie din pag may time...LOL

    4. @Anonymous 7/25/2014 11:15pm

      I crossed out the Civic very early on as the styling did not appeal to me personally. Overall is just felt average to me. I honestly prefer the City over the Civic.

      The Altis 1.6G AT was what I was considering when I pitted it against the Sylphy 1.6CVT and Mazda 3 1.5V which I believe is a fair comparison.

      The Altis was already more expensive than the Sylphy by 20kphp in the MSRP (no discounts) and was only cheaper by 15k php to the Mazda 3. that difference was well worth it for the assumed Yojin 3 cost when you compare the Mazda 3 to the Altis.

      The Altis also had a lot of hard plastics inside and the dash looked special but the feel was an entirely different story to me. Some owners of both the Vios and Altis are actually complaining of noise originating from inside the dash and it seems unknown where it is coming from yet.

      In terms of goodies, both the Sylphy and the Mazda offered bettered goodies which I gave more value than the goodies in the Altis and it just felt "ok" inside.

    5. @Anonymous 7/25/2014 11:31pm

      Taste is subjective so its obvious not everyone will love a vehicle's design.

      I'm happy. And at least I made you happy =)

  18. You cant really compare the build quality of 3 over the nissan. Nissan build quality felt very tinny. As far on the looks department the 3 triumph the nissan a million times.

    But I will definitely pick the nissan over the toyota.


    First drive 2014 Nissan Sylphy ->



    1. Good for you. Popularity is the most important factor in choosing a car.

      CLAP CLAP! LOL! =)

  20. so that's the story behind all of this..i totally agree with you anon 11:31..its hard to accept it but yeah elantra is more refined than im better off with it or i wouldn't mind spending a few more bucks for a well engineered mazda 3 with free preventive maintenance service for 3 years..its like..WOW thats a great deal..ouch..truth hurts..

  21. Akala ko kung ano na. Crab mentality lang naman pala yung tunay na rason. Andami pang sinabi. Hay naku.


    1. Panung crab mentality? Tinatanong lang kung may option na pwede mag opt out sa Yojin 3 na may matabi kang pera upfront, hindi mo ba iisipin na tsaka mo na gastusin yung pera? Parang deferred payment. Instead na ngayon, tsaka mo na babayaran.

      Tsaka makamenos din ng waste kung di pa naman kelangan palitan yung langis. Yun ay kung hindi pa kelangan.

      Wala naman sinabi na panget at wag bilhin yung kotse.

  22. You got it right bro, crab mentality at its best!

    He just want to feel good on his choice after choosing the Nissan Syphilis over the Mazda 3. Thats where the bashing started.

    Here we go again, you are assuming that Yojin 3 was added to the sticker price of a Mazda. Its a marketing strategy but it doesnt mean that they added the additional cost to the SRP of the car. Even Chevrolet Philippines offer free PMS for a year.

    Dun ka kasi sa Nissan mo magreklamo, ask mo bakit walang free PMS yung ride mo. Bash ka na bash ng free PMS ng Mazda eh. Hehehe. :D

    Just one question though. Is it true that most owners of Nissan Sylphy has been developing Syphilis without having sexual contact? :D



  23. Dun sa naka Nissan Sylphy, please tama na epal your car is not that interesting. This review is about the Mazda 3.

    To Sir Uly, hope you can read this. I can't find a reputable website that indicate the power to weight ratio of this car.

    Do you have an idea what is the power to weight ratio of this particular variant?


    1. @Anonymous 7/26/2014 11:07am

      If you checked the time stamps, I never brought up the Sylphy until it was made to be an issue. Which for me it is not. Both have their merits and there should have been no need to mudsling as it is a need/preference thing.

      I am just saying why need to waste perfectly good oil if it is not needed to be replaced. Those saying the other oils that need replacing, that can be done annually alongside an annual pms so should not ruin you car. It is still a preventive maintance as an annual schedule instead of bi-annual. As long as the oils are good to last which is and has always been my caveat about the issue.

      Anyway, I rest my case on this post.

      And congrats to new owners and future owners of the Mazda 3.

  24. Tatanga naman ng mga tao dito. Mga hindi alam ibig sabihin ng crab mentality at may engot na naghahapon pa.

    Kung ayaw niya yung Yojin at gusto sana niya optional, eh ano naman pakialam niyo? Sinabi naman niyang gusto niya sana yung Mazda 3 except ayaw niya yung Yojin 3 eh, eh ano naman sa inyo? Crab mentality? Bashing? Hater siya? Mga hangal. Hindi niyo nga alam ibig sabihin ng crab mentality eh.

    Though competitive pa rin price ng Mazda 3 (with or without Yojin 3 costs), siyempre add-on cost talaga ang Yojin 3 at papalabasin nila na "libre" yun. Marketing strategy yan na kunwari libre at kung tutol pa rin kayo na may add-on cost talaga yan, wala kayong alam sa negosyo at manahimik nalang kayo.

    Pero ang pinakamalala yung naghahapong engot. Tumigil ka na nga diyan, hunghang; wala kaming paki sa paghahapon mo.

  25. hay naku..akala ko tapos na..meron pa palang nag-eepal..tsong, kung iisipin wala rin naman kaming pakialam sa 'yo e..pasensya na't mga tanga tao dito..BUTI NA LANG NAGCOMMENT KA AT NAGKAROON NG "MATALINO" DITO..

    'nga pala..hunghang talaga yang naghahapon no?..kasi nga pilipinas to at pilipino tayo..pero ano naman tawag mo sa nag iingles..hay naku..

    ay oo nga pala..hindi kasi namin alam ang ibig sabihin ng CRAB MENTALITY e..pwede mo ba'ng ipaliwanag ang ibig sabihin nyan?..

    1. I recommend you use google to search the meaning. Its right at your fingertips.

    2. dictionary ba yang google search?..tiningnan ko sa dulo ng mga daliri ko parang wala naman dun ah..

      naman talaga oh..

      hirap nga naman talaga kausap ang tao'ng napakataas ng tingin sa sarili..hindi ba pwdeng isipin na sarcasm lang yun..

      sino ngayon ang tanga dito?

    3. Ang hina naman ng comprehension mo. Ibig ko sabihin capable yang daliri mo mag type dyan sa keyboard at mag search ng meaning sa google.

      Nandyan yan, kaya please wag maging bobo ha.

      FYI, pwede maging dictionary yang google. Subukan mo para di ka maging engot.

    4. Isa pa, 100% akong sure na di mo alam ang ibig sabihin ng crab mentality kaya for your own good, and to spare yourself from further embarrassment, just google the proper meaning please. Sarcasm ka pa dyan, eh talagang wala ka naman talagang idea kung ano ang ibig sabihin eh, kunyari ka pa!

    5. Hayaan mo na yung engot na yun. Di naman mataas tingin natin sa sarili natin, tanga lang siya talaga. Di na nga alam ibig sabihin ng crab mentality at mali na nga pagkagamit ng sarcasm, kinumpera pa ang pag-hahapon sa isang blog kung saan Filipino at Ingles ang wika ng 99% ng mga tao sa pag-Iingles ng mga tao sa Pilipinas! LOL! Sobrang fail. Subukan mong mag-Tagalog sa isang Japanese blog na 99-100% wikang Hapon at Ingles ang gamit ng mga tao, tignan natin mapapala mo sa buhay. Hunghang.

  26. Just checking how the conversations are going and there is still a bit of negativity in the air present. No one is bashing this car so why not we all make peace with it.

    How about this for the future of Yojin 3. It is still 60000kms PMS, but, instead of requiring you to have it done every 6 months or within 3 years, it is just consumeable? Just remove the time limit but keep the mileage?

    You can have the 10k PMS interval done every 6 months, 9 months or 1 year. Up to you as the car owner since you "paid" for it and it should be your prerogative/right when to have it done.

    Any parts breakdown other than what is included in the PMS, is a service charge that will be charged to you. I think that should satisfy everyone should it not?

    So at 6 months interval, maintenance cost free for 3 years. At 9 months interval, it last for 4.5 years. At 1 year interval (max), it last for 6 years.

    The "option" is just when you will consume it. How about that? =)

    Berjaya shouldn't have any complains because with a longer time frame, they don't need to "shell out" for the expenses to have you PMS done in a tighter timeframe of 3 years for every model sold.

    I'm just asking you guys to think about that as an alternative, removal of the time limit of Yojin 3 for the 60,000kms. Period.

    Nothing wrong with the car, nothing bad if you want your purchase price to have the maintenance included in the acquisition cost. But it gives you the flexibility to have it done at your choosing. How about that?

    Keep it civil guys.

    1. Wishful thinking nalang yan brad. Syempre kung magpapamigay ang car manufacturer ng "free" service, ayaw na nilang ma-stretch pa yan to a longer period. The sooner the free service ends, the sooner they can start charging you for it. And syempre malaki tubo ng mga dealer sa servicing.

      For example, imagine yung sinabi mong 1 year interval where Yojin 3 lasts for 6 years. Kung 15 years lang ang lifespan ng auto at after that, hindi na siya ipapa-service at all ng kung sino man na owner niya at that time, edi 9 years lang dinala sa casa yung auto.

      Compare that to 12 years + more frequent servicing intervals (more frequent than once a year). Kaya hinding hindi gagawin ng Berjaya yan, sayang ang kita sa servicing now and in the long run.

  27. Kudos Mr. Anonymous, I like the way you think. I also like the way you speak your mind. Hayaan mo nalang yung iba if they don't see the way you do pero you've made valid points. Optional is definitely something na hindi ko naisip pero that makes sense nga.

  28. Magkano ang hinihinging Dealer Incentive ng Mazda?

  29. Nag aagree ako sa mganagsasabi na sana babaan na lang ang presyo kaysa sa free PMS. Ang gripes ko sa Mazda 3 ay masikip ang rear seat, 1.5 engine ay para sa subcompact car dapat at ang masaklap 10 km/l lang ang FC ng isang 1.5 liter engine ng Mazda 3. Saka dapat may side curtsin airbags dahil ksramihan sa mga namamatay sa vehiculsr accidents e dahil sa head trauma.

  30. Dear All,

    I need ur opinion. I am a salesperson (meaning I go/use the car most of the time, FC and maintenance is important to me) confused between Mazda 3, Altis G and City. So which do you suggest? thanks

    1. mazda - 3 year free pms, better fuel economy, & better looking.

    2. What kind of salesperson? Med rep? I think the vios will be enough to fit your needs.

  31. So which is better in terms of interior "gadgets" (apologies as i dont know the correct term to use)...the mazda 3 1.5 or the new honda city 1.5?

    1. the mazda 3 1.5 has the same infotainment as the 2.0. if there is one thing lacking in those system its the navigation. but everything else is in there. not familiar with the city though.

  32. Hmm. . .Oil at labor lang ba libre sa Yojin PMS package? Sana kasama filters, etc. kasi masakit din sa bulsa.

  33. as of the present, whats the actual waiting time for this vehicle?

  34. libre nga eh! naknampotah 'to

  35. paikot ikot lang sa potangnang usapan ng change oil for 6mos/1yr at kung top up ba 'to yojin.. IMBES NA MAS MADAMI PA NADISCUSS NA FEATURES O MGA PALPAK NG MAZDA! busettttt haha

  36. Mga tanga itong mga gunggong na ito. Yung Yojin3 nga at Japan CBU build quality nga ang primary reasons bakit namin kinuha yung Mz3 eh. Yung specs at features para lang yan sa mga magazine racing fanboys. Dapat pa nga gayahin ng ibang mga car companies yung free PMS for 3 years. Worry-free driving na for the entire warranty period. Eh ano kung kasama ito sa sticker price? Eh lahat naman ng features at accessories kasama sa pricing ng lahat ng sasakyan. Kaya nga non-independent yung suspension ng Sylphy at Altis, dahil nagtitipid sila sa production expenses. Lahat yan para sa bottomline. Mga hindi nag-iisip.

  37. Yojin3 is not a waste. It's a big help for every Mazda owners. walang masama if susunod tayo sa schedule of maintenance kasi libre na nga, unlike other brands sumunod o hindi sa schedule magbabayad ka talaga, waste of money.

    yung isang anonymous siguro na hate ang Mazda is working from other brand siguro, kaya badtrip sya sa mazda kasi olats sila sa yojin3.

    thumbs up for the Skyactiv technology, kodo design plus the yojin3 pa. :)

  38. Hi Guys,
    I was torn from buying a honda city 1.5 and mazda 3 1.5
    Can Someone help me out choose.

  39. Hi All,

    I'm also torn between this and the City VX. Which has the better interior space(specially in the rear)?

    Although the City is a subcompact while this is a compact, if the City has better interior space then it can actually compete with the Mazda3. The Yojin3, Skyactiv and Japan-made are plus points though!


  40. Sir, manual transmission in 1.5 V is now available in the Philippines? thank you!

  41. sir Uly, this or the top of the line variant of Mazda 2??

  42. opinion...opinion....opinion!
    nakaka-aliw talaga dito sa carguide. more power to this site!
    pag sobrang pressure sa trabaho, punta saglit dito para malibang.

    anyway....all are opinions.

    1. yojin 3 should be an option.

    2. hinid lang change oil ang yojin3, checking lahat ng kasu-kasuan ng kotse, ito yung hindi ginagawa kung basta pupunta ka lang sa casa or and car services na magpa-change oil ka. may checklist sila ng gagawin sa mazda nyo. pwede kayong humingi ng checklist nila. by that, makikita agad ang mga posibleng masira. and take note, kahit na anong kotse, puro nasisira yang mga pyesa sa ilalim nyan, tyempuhan nga lang.

    3. ang price ng yojin3 ay kasama na yan sa SRP, why? business yan, ikaw ba na nagbubusiness ay magpapalugi ka? syempre hindi. brainwashing lang ang nangyari na kunwari ay libre, pero kasama na yan sa SRP ng kotse. kung tatanggalin mo yan sa SRP, maliit lang ang figure nyan, di na rin yan mapapansin sa halagang 1.3M ng mazda3 (top of the line).

    4. kung makakabili ka ng bagong kotse, e di may pera ka. bakit ka pa mag-iintindi ng pambayad every 5k or 10k kilometer? e di punta ka na lang doon at ipa-PMS mo sa kanila. kung wala kang pera, for sure na 2nd hand lang ang bibilhin mo or owner type jeep. tapos wag mo nang pa-change-oil hanggang sa kumatok makina mo. LOL.

    5. at itong si japanese speaking/writing guy, ikaw ang pinaka-papampam sa aming lahat.

    6. hindi naman tayo nagpapagalingan dito, nagbibigayan tayo ng opinion, at kahit nagkakapikunan, think of it as a positive, may natututunan pa rin tayo. at sa kabila ng ayaw magpatalo, i'm sure na isa sa inyo ay nag-iisip din may point ang sinasabi nung ka-argue mo, nga lang, ayaw mong magpatalo at nag-iinis ka na lang. he!he!

    hay naku!
    salamat sa inyo, nabawasan stress ko sa trabaho.
    cheers car lovers!

  43. Yojin3 was introduced in the Philippines (bad roads) for the improvement or development of Mazda vehicles.
    They make a strategy to get a more reliable data sa mga problema ng cars nila.
    To think of it, we are forced to have our PMS every 6months, at dito ay i-check nila ang status ng car, may lumuluwag bang turnilyo? may nasisira ba agat na ruberrized material? may nagcrack bang mga parts na pang-ilalim? mabils bang ma-worn-out ang gulong? at marami pang iba na kailangan nilang makuha ang record, they do the statistics of all mazda cars. then submit yan sa Japan Mazda R&D (research and development). then doon nila mapapag-aralan kung maganda ba or pangit ang design ng product nila in terms of reliability. kasama dito ay ang pag-interview sa owner or user ng car.
    Ang problema dito sa Pinas, hindi ito 100% nagagawa ng bawat casa, parang hindi sila oriented sa purpose ng Yojin3.
    This is now the way Mazda gather accurrate information about the reliability of their product. Syempre naman iba po ang reliability sa quality. hindi nila ganong concern dito sa yojin3 na marinig mo ang reklamo na masikip ang likod, orsana ay may option na pwedeng hindi kunin ang yojin3 package or whatever topic na hindi concern sa reliability ng car or their parts.
    And the yojin3 will not be an option because of that data gathering.

  44. Just like someone here, I'm also torn between getting this one or the top of the line M2. M2 seems to have the complete package already but it's a subcompact so I'm worried about the space.

    1. jes here.
      if you're concern is the space, don't get mazda, check out the honda jazz or lancer or maybe a variant of nissan and toyota, you can get a same price with mazda2 but a lot of space.
      m2 highend cost around P925k abd a jazz highend cost around P950k, check mo sa mga casa, sakyan mo likod for your comparison. that's what I did, i'm a six footer, at nakita ko talaga ang difference ng jazz sa ibang car in the same category,
      sit-up straight ka sa 2nd row, then pull back ang upuan sa harap para nakasagad papunta sa iyo, then compare mo ang remaining space sa tuhod mo.
      are you willing to sacrifice the space and your comfort or comfort of your family against the mazda complete package?
      it's up to you, for us car fanatic, this is only a sort of advice and opinion.
      me too like mazda, i really like mazda3 compare to other car, but the downside is the space on the back, when I sit in the back, then nakasagad paatras ang upuan sa harap, sayad sa tuhod ko.
      pero kung ang driver at passenger sa harap ay maliit lang, or hindi matangkad, pwedeng magbigayan ng space.
      but for my family kasi, i'm 6 footer and my eldest daughter was already 5"7" at the age of 12, mahihirapan na ang mga anak ko sa likod.
      kung ikaw ang laging driver, i-set mo ang driver seat sa comfortable driving position mo, then upo ka sa likod para mabigyan mo ng consideration ang space.

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    3. Thanks for the insights sir! I'm just a small person and I'm still a bachelorette. There's only a few that can beat Jazz. I was planning to have Jazz before but my father was so against it. Pangit daw itsura. Don't get me wrong. I'm buying the car with my own money. My father's just there to provide for the documents for the bank loan.

      Anyway, I got to sit on the new M2. And I can say...I felt quite claustrophobic in it. Maliit na ako nyan ha. It was right my size pero parang di ako makahiga sa loob. But, the gizmos and tech of the top of the line M2 is so enticing. I wish we have a review of M2 here as well.

      Got also on an M3. Space is nice. The seats are ok naman. I think I could live without the iStop and i-ELoop but darn it, why did they have to get rid of the HUD too. The HUD is so cool! Anyway, the HB doesn't come in titanium flash so if I'm gonna take M3...I have to settle to white.

      I wonder if you can get the Bi-Xenon headlights as after sales.

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  45. Question, once the 3 years of yojin 3 has finished/elapsed (i.e. no more free PMS), how much does it normally cost to do your PMS at mazda dealers? Like for mazda 3 and cx 5's? Thanks!

  46. Torn between the Mazda 2 r sedan (love the interior and toys) or the Mazda 3 1.5. Any suggestions?

  47. Yojin 3 made me decide to buy my first Mazda 3. It served as an insurance incase something fails within the 1st 3 yrs of my bnew vehicle (mechanical, sensors, and electrical components) add the 2x a year shell fully synthetic change oil and air filter, cabin filter etc with free parts & labor. Sulit din 8k per pms ang nasa recibo na pinapapirmahan after PMS.
    Things that have been changed during the yojin 3 coverage
    1. Engine Tensioner - i have a heavy foot when driving
    2. Aircon Panel Switch- Malfunctioned within the warranty period.

    Pros with a not so popular car:
    1.Fast service
    2.Parts waiting time 1-2days only
    3.Service advisor naka tutok sa oto mo
    4.Madali kausap ang casa (special mention mazda ghs with repairs)
    5. Walang pila sa casa, asikaso agad.

    My Car details:
    2015 Mazda 3 1.5L - July
    50k mileage as of Feb 18, 2019
    No major breakdown as of Feb 18, 2019

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