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Sunday, July 6, 2014

CAC Marks 20th Anniversary with "Green" Cause

It has been 20 years since Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC) made a splash in the automotive industry, and now, they continue to be a formidable influence in the Filipino driving experience.

As exclusive distributor of Kia Motors in the Philippines, CAC has offered the Korean automaker giant’s quality and innovative lineup, while maintaining a signature Family-like Care after-sales service to millions of Filipinos since 1994.

As part of their celebration, CAC opted for a day dedicated to Mother Nature instead of grandiose revelry.

CAC launched Greener Tomorrow, a partnership with CAC employees and Haribon Foundation, for a day of forest restoration and seedling adoption. As part of the company’s 20th year in the automotive industry, CAC decided to celebrate with a cause and so, Greener Tomorrow was initiated. CAC President, Ginia R. Domingo, shared, “Being in the industry for two decades is something we are really proud of. CAC has offered nothing but quality innovation and service all throughout and as the exclusive distributor of Kia, the Brand with the Power to Surprise, we also wanted to have a surprising and truly worthwhile celebration.”

Domingo added, “CAC visited Buhay Punlaan for maintenance and bagging activities and adopted 500 seedlings that will be continually cared for in the future. At the heart of this activity is CAC’s commitment to the country’s biodiversity conservation and we hope that through this initiative, we can look forward to a greener, more beautiful tomorrow.”

Led by Domingo, CAC principals and employees came in droves to Brgy. Lewin, Lumban, Laguna on May 24, 2014 to collect and bag soil, trim, cut, and repot wildlings, and participate in other nursery activities. Buhay Punlaan, the Haribon Nursery for Native Tree Species, is part of the Foundation’s Rainforest Organizations and Advocates (ROAD) to 2020 Movement that aims to restore one million hectares of Philippine rainforests using native tree species by year 2020.

Despite the heat and the long drive, CAC employees were a picture of fulfillment as they give back to Mother Nature and at the same time, celebrate the company’s fruitful history.

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