Thursday, January 18, 2018

Get the 2018 Subaru Forester at 2017 Prices Until End of January

With Motor Image Pilipinas’s announcement of an impending price increase due to TRAIN and the end of the high-performance XT model, now would be a good time to snag a brand-new Subaru Forester.

As the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in the Philippines freezes the prices of their entire line-up including their best-selling Forester compact crossover until the end of January, you can get savings up to P 100,000 if you act fast.

This is probably the last chance you can get a WRC-inspired grocery getter before the new prices take effect in February.
  • Subaru Forester i-L: P 1,468,000 (New Price: P 1,548,000)
  • Subaru Forester i-P: P 1,678,000 (New Price: P 1,768,000)
  • Subaru Forester XT: P 1,948,000 (New Price: P 2,048,000)


  1. New face Forester later this year, right?

    1. All-new Forester this year. No turbo though.

  2. I don't know what's so special about that boxer engine. It sounds cool, Boxer, yeah. But performance? Let's take away the turbo. Aspirated to aspirated engines. Is there really a difference? As far as the new XV that I was able to read from foreign reviews, it's the same all of them say the engine is lackluster. That the newest iteration's engine performance is about the same as last year. They're lauding the suspension with the new global platform. Safety is great. But we're talking engine. There's nothing much in there. The fuel consumption is average, cabin noise is average. So what gives? All I can see is that it's just a pugilist's hubris. It's expensive. It's more expensive to own and maintain. It's just another Japanese car with a Boxer shorts. No pun intended. It's short where it matters.

    1. Yeah its not even in the top 10 compact SUV according to most foreign reviews. Even an Xtrail is better

    2. A naturally aspirated Subaru really isn't worth the price and maintenance. The turbocharged ones on the other hand are a different matter. True, handling and balance are a notch above the rest, but these things are non significant for a everyday driver

    3. You really won't appreciate a Subaru if you're not an enthusiast. You buy a Subaru for the power (turbocharged models), superb AWD handling, comfort and the outstanding safety features. Subaru won't be tagged as the Volvo of Asia for nothing. The Subaru Global Platform alone, is all worth it.

      Subaru isn't really for the average daily driver.

    4. and the reviewers of Car&Driver are not enthusiasts? Being called Volvo of Asia is not such a good thing since it is one of the worst in quality. Maybe like Volvo it rests too much on its past reputation and doesn't realize it is now very much behind the competition.

    5. The best way to judge an engine is in its natural element.
      Turbos can always add muscle to any engine. Just like steroids to humans.

    6. Let's hear from our very own expert, Mr. Uli on this. Sir, what's your take on the Boxer or Subaru for that matter. Is it worth the money?

    7. I think what most people don't realize is that Subaru implemented the Boxer engine not for the sake of performance, but for safety.

      The boxer or horizontally-opposed engine can be mounted lower in the vehicle improving its center of gravity compared to inline or vee engines.

      Furthermore, its layout enables Subaru to mount its all-wheel drive drivetrain in a symmetrical manner which also improves overall handling and power delivery from its AWD system.

      For Subaru, this is what they consider as "primary safety." This enables the driver to properly drive the vehicle, feeling comfortable with the way it handles, etc.

      As for performance, yes, Subaru has indeed turbocharged the boxer engine and this has, for quite some time, been their poster child (WRX, STI), but they've always seen turbocharging has something secondary. They won't shy away from using electrification for instance to gain performance.

      As for maintenance costs, Subaru engines are relatively bullet-proof. Its main negative is that it requires more engine oil compared to traditional engines (it requires 5 liters per oil change). Aside from that though, they're pretty indestructible.

    8. But what use is an engine that's suppose to be indestructible if the maintenance cost owning an old Subaru will destroy ones pocket?
      Hehe, I can't resist that. Really, it boils down to whether one is prepared for the burden of expensive maintenance. And whether the AWD, all Subarus have, really matters. As to safety, it's not Subarus monopoly. I'm sure other car companies have their own say on that.

    9. It is more expensive than a typical FWD vehicle. It's because Subarus require things such as transmission and differential oils to be replaced every 40,000 kilometers.

      True that Subaru doesn't have a monopoly when it comes to safety, but it's been their main pillar for the past few years:

      - Boxer engine, symmetrical AWD
      - Visibility, driving position
      - Outstanding crash safety
      - Driver assistive technology

      The fact that they've been doing quite well on international crash safety tests says something. That's also the reason why they can be a bit expensive to purchase too.

    10. I remember the video I saw of an old Toyota being dropped, drowned and tortured but still came to life afterwards. Isuzu fans too claims it's engine is bulletproof.

    11. I said it before and i'll say it again, Subaru is a kind of vehicle that you won't appreciate not unless you're an enthusiast. It's for buyers who have these kind of high standard requirement for their ride. Yes, it's quite expensive to maintain even out of the casa maintenance. i.e. My Camry 3.5 V6 shock absorbers cost 10k for the whole set while a set for an Impreza cost 20k.

      Remember the white Ford Ranger vs provincial Bus accident that got caught by the Ranger's dashcam? It's when you get into an accident that you'd wish you were in a Subaru vehicle. The victims would've gotten out of the wreckage unscathed, most especially now with the Subaru Global Platform. Improved chassis rigidity for better handling, less rattles and road noise and the best part of it, the cross member joints that holds the A, B and C Pillar just won't collapse towards the passengers upon impact.

      Subaru is a kind of vehicle that an informed buyer would entrust his/her life.

  3. I think to fully appreciate the Boxer engine you need the turbo otherwise what's the point of enduring the high cost of ownership?
    Take away the turbo there's nothing to crow about Subaru. All the argument about its safety is at best subjective. I don't think it's safer than others. Cars have safety ratings. If a Subaru have a 5 star rating there are many that got it too.
    I have to say stripped of the turbo, the Boxer engine is overrated.
    And the 2018 Forester has no turbo? Subaru has lost it's way.


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