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January 20, 2018

Honda Civic is Most Popular Car of 2017 on Buy-and-Sell Website OLX

It’s easy to think that the recent increase in traffic is hindering Filipinos from wanting to own their own car. However, latest data from online classifieds platform OLX  reveals that a vast majority of Filipinos still want to own cars.

According to search metrics shared by the OLX Data Hub, car ownership is still top of mind among Filipinos. With over half a million listings and more than half of it pre-owned, the demand for vehicles, especially second-hand cars remained high on the platform in 2017.

Based on the 10 Most Searched Vehicles on OLX last year, the congested state of the roads has greatly influenced vehicle preference. People searched for rides that generally fall into one of two categories: fuel savers or people haulers.

Vehicles with smaller engines emerged as popular among potential car buyers. Pinoys searched for cars like the Toyota Vios and Honda City—capable rides that don’t drink too much gas.

While some opted for fuel-efficient rides, others preferred space and comfort knowing just how much time they need to spend on traffic daily. Four out of the 10 Most Searched Vehicles on OLX belong to the SUV and AUV category.

Vehicles like the Toyota Innova, Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, and the Hyundai Starex emerged as top of mind among those who searched for bigger rides in OLX last year. This suggests that consumers are also looking for people haulers that are spacious and comfortable to ride in during long bouts in traffic jams. Also, some of these rides have diesel engine variants, the price of which is a factor when it comes to people’s monthly fuel-spending budget.

Other interesting insights were also found together with OLX’s 10 Most Searched Vehicles in 2017.

10 Most Searched Vehicles on OLX in 2017 
  1. Honda Civic
  2. Toyota Corolla
  3. Toyota Vios
  4. Honda City
  5. Toyota Innova
  6. Toyota Fortuner
  7. Mitsubishi Lancer
  8. Hyundai Starex
  9. Nissan Sentra
  10. Mitsubishi Montero Sport
After emerging as the most popular car of 2016, the Honda Civic retained its top spot as the most searched vehicle for 2017.

Brands from Japan still enjoy wide trust among consumers as 9 out of the 10 Most Searched Vehicles are Japanese-branded.

Despite stiff competition from lower down payments of new vehicles last year, OLX’s data found that the second-hand car market remains robust.  Pinoys have a variety of needs to be met from upgrading vehicles to match their growing families, to needing a ride to suit business and weekend pursuits—the demand for pre-owned cars is here to stay.

“Practicality and affordability will always influence car buyers to look at pre-loved rides as an option. It’s important to us that we have quality listings so that when people search on OLX, they are able to close a deal and be able to own a ride that fulfills their needs,” says Raffy Montemayor, General Manager of OLX.

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