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January 24, 2018

How to Make Your Car Into a Head-Turner [ADVERTORIAL]

Cars are an extension of ourselves. Whether we admit it or not, people base their first impressions on our clothing, our shoes, and even our car – it doesn’t have to be new or expensive or flashy, as long as it’s clean, well-maintained, and presentable.

In fact, the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, the United Kingdom made a strong case that an attractive car makes the driver with it more attractive. So how do we make our car (and ourselves) more head-turning?

Luckily, there are a few items that can form part of that head-turning arsenal:

When washing your car, take extra caution to take out the dust, dirt, and grime properly as not to scratch your paint. Use a liberal amount of water, the appropriate car shampoo, and Auto-Gard Super Sponge. It’s lint-free, soft, and non-abrasive way to keep your car looking clean.

For a show room finish on your car, there’s Auto-Gard Carnauba Wax. It provides a brilliant long-lasting shine to all car paint finishes, with a deep gloss shine. It even protects all clear coat and enamel point finishes that lasts for months. And wipe off the excess wax, have the Auto-Gard Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth at the ready. It is best fabric for cleaning, polishing, and buffing delicate surface areas for fast and easy polishing.

For wheels with attractive luster, use Auto-Gard Tire Black which provides a long, lasting non-oily, natural luster. It revitalizes, enhances, and protects not just tires, but rubber trim, and vinyl as well.

For sparkling windows, windshields, and rear/side mirrors, the Auto-Gard Glass Cleaner removes tough dirt, grime and grease. It’s composed of plant-derived ingredients and natural minerals and is ammonia-free.

The ideal partner for this task is Auto-Gard Microfiber Glass Cloth. This 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide blend cloth is the ultimate choice for cleaning any glass surface. And you can even use it with just water. Simply wet it, wring it, and you are good to go!

And now, here comes the best part:

CarGuide.PH readers can win all these Auto-Gard products plus more from Miles & Levels Philippines with the Make Heads Turn Facebook contest. It is so simple to join:
  1. Post on Facebook a 30-seconder video of your clean car and tell us why it MAKE HEADS TURN. 
  2. Use the hashtags #MakeHeadsTurn, #AutoGardPH, and #CarGuidePH in your post.
  3. Make sure that your post set to public
Miles and Levels PH will compile all the videos and the most number of views will win P 3,000 Gift Check (GC) + P 5,000 worth of complete car care and accessories package from Miles & Levels Philippines.

The winner will be announced on Miles & Levels Philippines Facebook page and CarGuide.PH Facebook page (instant celebrity status there).

You have until February 16, 2018 to post your video so get to work!

Auto-Gard products are available at Ace Hardware, Ace Builders, selected Ace Express, Handyman, and True Value stores nationwide. Also, you can buy them online through Lazada and