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January 15, 2018

Mercedes-Benz Unveils All-New 2019 G-Class at Detroit (w/ 19 Photos)

How do you reinvent an icon? That’s the conundrum faced by Mercedes-Benz designers and engineers as they set their sights on the G-Class’s first ground-up redesign. The German carmaker’s longest serving model, the G-Class has been renowned for its uncompromising on- and off-road performance and impeccably solid build quality; traits which have been certainly carried over to the 2019 model.

Its foundation continues to be a ladder-type frame with a suspension that’s designed in collaboration between Mercedes-Benz G GmbH and Mercedes-AMG GmbH. The result is what Mercedes-Benz promises to be off-road performance at par or even better than its predecessor.

The front swaps its rigid axle for an independent double wishbone configuration while the rear continues with a rigid axle (four trailing arms with a Panhard rod). The swap to a front double wishbone has improved the G-Class’s rigidity thanks to a strut tower brace while mounting it directly to the frame (no subframe) results in a ground clearance of 270 millimeters.

Other parameters revealed by Mercedes-Benz include:
  • Slope climbing ability of up to 100 percent on suitable surfaces
  • Ground clearance between axles at 241 millimeters (up 6 millimeters)
  • Maximum water/mud wading depth of 700 millimeters (plus 100 millimeters)
  • Stable at tilt angles of 35 degrees (plus 7 degrees)
  • Angle of departure: 30 degrees
  • Angle of approach: 31 degrees
  • Breakover angle: 26 degrees

Mercedes’s selectable driving system, Dynamic Select offers 5 driving modes on the G-Glass. Aside from the usual “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Eco”, and “Individual” modes, the G-Class gets a dedicated “G-Mode.” This mode is designed to improve off-road handling and is activated whenever one of the 3 differential locks have been activated or the Low Range gear has been engaged.

Outside, Mercedes-Benz designers have decided not to mess with the G-Class’s design, opting instead for a modern reinterpretation. Some of the defining cues such as the distinctive door handle, exposed spare tire, and prominent indicator lights are all there. Mercedes-Benz even assures that the new G-Class continues the “characteristic door closing sound.” It is however longer (53 millimeters) and wider (121 millimeters). Despite its larger dimensions though, it’s shed some 170 kilograms thanks to the use of high-strength steel and aluminum.

While the exterior maintains the iconic classic look, the interior has undergone a fundamental modern redesign including the option for Mercedes’s Widescreen Cockpit which blends two 12.3-inch LCD displays underneath a shared glass cover. Passengers will also revel in the added luxury including multi-contour seats and increased interior space. Rear passengers are especially treated well with a legroom that’s grown by 150 millimeters.

The 2019 G-Class will initially be offered with a 4.0-liter V8 (G 500). Its twin-turbo configuration enables it to produce 422 horsepower and 610 Nm of torque. The transmission is Mercedes’s 9G-TRONIC automatic which has been tweaked to meet the G-Class’s needs.

Pricing and availability for the Philippine market has yet to be announced, but in Germany it starts retail sales in June. Prices are at par with the preceding model.

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