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January 22, 2018

Bea Alonso is Recipient of Volvo Ironmark Award 2017

Volvo Philippines gives due recognition to Bea Alonzo as the company’s chosen Ironmark Awardee in the recently concluded People of the Year Awards. Her achievements in the field of film, television, and the local entertainment industry have caught the admiration and respect of the local authorized distributor and dealer of Volvo cars in the Philippines. Volvo Philippines has given the Ironmark Award since 2012 to outstanding individuals in various fields, including Manny Pacquiao, Dr. Vicky Belo, and Ces Drilon.

The Ironmark is Volvo’s signature stamp that symbolizes strength and durability. An ancient symbol for iron, the Volvo emblem also represents Swedish steel and quality, characteristics that are shared by the Ironmark Awardees over the years.

The Volvo Ironmark is given to only a select few – an honor accorded to a carefully chosen crowd whose contributions spell a difference in the industry and the society as a whole. It is a stamp of appreciation that acknowledges the awardees’ significant efforts to make the industry they move in vibrant, more meaningful, and strong.

Alonzo, also hailed by her multitude of fans as “Queen B”, is a fitting recipient of the Volvo Ironmark. Her enduring and colorful years as an artist are proof of her inner strength, a quality that is very much in consonance with the Swedish luxury car brand.

Not many can claim grace, grit, and glamour in one package that Alonzo so effortlessly carries. Despite her many accolades, the stylish and sophisticated beauty remains grounded, seemingly unfazed by the glitter of celebrity life. Her composed demeanor speaks that she needs no validation from others, but instead conveys a message of quiet passion for a craft that she wants to continue to explore and improve on.

“Volvos have been known for its calm, intelligent, and strong side. Over the years, we have grown to nurture greater potency, modernity, and expressiveness both in our brand and products, as well. We see these qualities in Miss Alonzo and we applaud her for remaining steadfast in her career,” shares Christopher Lee Yu, Marketing Director for Volvo Philippines.

“As we continue to roll on to more exciting times – new products that include a world-leading plug-in hybrid model – we forge on with innovative technology and design that will help shape the automotive landscape while staying true to our Scandinavian heritage and core values of safety and care for people,” adds Yu.

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