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January 18, 2018

Mazda Leads Other Automakers in Fuel Effciency

Mazda is the most fuel-efficient brand according to the US-based Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. The annual list, released by the US government agency, sees Asian brands dominating the Top 5 places.

This year (2016 model year) marks the fifth straight time that Mazda’s been on the top step of the podium with its entire line-up averaging 29.6 mpg or 12.58 km/L. That figure is a 0.17 km/L improvement over last year.

In second place is South Korea’s Hyundai with 28.8 mpg (12.24 km/L) followed by Honda at 28.2 mpg (11.98 km/L), Subaru 28.1 mpg (11.94 km/L), and Nissan 27.9 (11.86 km/L). The leading US manufacturer, Ford, sits at the third-to-the-last spot at 22.8 mpg (9.69 km/L).

The EPA’s report summarizes fuel economy trends by model year for vehicles sold in the US and ranks automakers by Manufacturer Adjusted Fuel Economy.

Mazda says that its Skyactiv Technology, an innovative range of engines, transmissions, bodies, and chassis deployed throughout their lineup has contributed to their outstanding environmental performance.

EPA Manufacturer Adjusted Fuel Economy for 2016, in mpg
  • Mazda – 29.6 (+0.4)
  • Hyundai – 28.8 (+1.3)
  • Honda – 28.2 (-0.3)
  • Subaru – 28.1 (0)
  • Nissan – 27.9 (-0.1)
  • Volkswagen – 26.6 (0) (subject to pending outcome of investigation of emissions violations)
  • Kia – 26.2 (+0.1)
  • BMW – 25.5 (-0.6)
  • Toyota – 25.0 (0)
  • Mercedes-Benz – 23.7 (+0.3)
  • Ford – 22.8 (0)
  • General Motors – 22.4 (+0.2)
  • Fiat-Chrysler – 21.5 (-0.3)


  1. And they say Mazda's engines have no true innovation. Bit surprised at Subaru.

  2. Inuubos na lang ang mga units na Mazda Vehicles na EURO2. Effective na ung EURO4 na Mazda this 2018

  3. Dubious recognition since Mazda vehicles has smaller dimensions as compared to its counterparts that'll artificially result to a better power to weight ratio thereby resulting to better fuel efficiency. It looks good though.

    i.e. Mazda 2 is a B segment car but has a dimension that's comparable to an A segment car.
    Mazda 3 is a C segment car but has a dimension that's comparable to a B segment car.


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