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November 29, 2019

Ford Ranger Raptor is Joining the Police Force

Bad guys in the UK will have no where to go because police forces there will be adding the formidable Ford Ranger Raptor to their fleet of cop cars.

South Wales Police are among the first to trial the Ranger Raptor pick-up which is, of course, capable of traveling off-road almost as quickly as on it. No word if the po-po version features performance upgrades, but what is known is that it comes with Fox shock absorbers and the Terrain Management System with Baja mode just like the civilian version.

With these features, criminals won’t be making a getaway whether its across gravel, mud, or sandy terrain. Perhaps the only weakness of the Ranger Raptor? It’s limited to 105 mph (~ 169 km/h). It’s still pretty fast, but a run-of-the-mill supercar can probably make a run for it; that is, unless the would-be criminal encounters a pothole.

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