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November 20, 2019

This Unique CTEK Feature Increases Your Car Battery's Life

Let’s face it: most people don’t give their car batteries a second thought; they just expect it to fire up the engine at first crank, and think nothing of it after. However, because modern automobiles are much more complex, it does add a considerable strain on the battery, especially since battery technology hasn’t changed all that much.

Thankfully, chargers such as the ones from CTEK help keep car batteries in tip-top shape. Some CTEK models such as the CT5 Start/Stop are a plug-and-play affair, but the more flexible MXS 5.0 offers more functionality. One of these is the “RECOND” mode and it’s one of the ways CTEK is set apart from the competition. Its primary benefit? Increasing the longevity of your car’s battery twice over.

In a normal setting, the car’s alternator isn’t a charger so much as a maintainer. Facing stop-and-go traffic, driving it daily isn’t enough to fully charge the battery. As the battery loses charge over time, sulphate particles stick and crystalizes on the plates coating them. After a while, they become useless in carrying a charge.

Pulse charging is one way to remove these sulphur deposits, and that’s already part of CTEK’s unique 8-step charging process. In the worst cases, they’ve added a dedicated RECOND mode which charges the battery at a higher voltage. This allows the battery to gas and bubble up, stirring the water/acid electrolyte mix freeing built-up sulfur crystals on the plates. It’s so effective that it can possibly revive a dead battery if it’s been placed through the RECOND cycle a couple of times.

Increasing the longevity of a car’s battery is only possible through CTEK simply because it’s smart enough to continuously monitor and adjust the charging parameters. In other “dumb” chargers, there’s a danger of overcharging a battery causing it to dry out—a common killer of lead acid batteries.

That said, the adage of “too much of a good thing is bad for you,” is certainly applicable on the CTEK’s RECOND mode too. It could still gas up the battery if it’s used too much so it’s best to use it only once or twice a year if the battery’s otherwise in good shape. The rest of the time? Stick with the normal 8-stage charging process.

With more convenience features and amenities taxing the car’s electrical systems, it’s best to upgrade to an intelligent charger from CTEK. All it takes is to plug it in and leave it to do its magic. In return, it keeps your car cranking at a single click for a far longer time.

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