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November 11, 2019

Mazda MX-5 Restoration Parts Are Coming to the Philippines

It looks like good things happen in threes with the Mazda MX-5. After being inducted into the Japanese Automotive Hall of Fame and the announcement of its very own one-make racing series, the Miata Spec Series in the Philippines, Bermaz Auto Philippines has confirmed that first-generation “NA” owners will soon get their hands on official restoration parts for their beloved roadster.

The announcement was made no less than by MX-5 Global Ambassador Nobuhiro Yamamoto after North America, the largest left-hand drive market, was confirmed to start getting restoration and reproduction parts.

Yamamoto-san will provide the full list available for Philippine customers in the next few weeks, but it could span over 1,100 different parts. All these parts are re-manufactured using modern methods and materials, but maintain the look and feel of MX-5s of that era.

Among those in the list include a newly-developed fabric soft top that uses the same rear screen material from the original version, the original Enkei wheels but made lighter and stronger thanks to modern technologies, and many moving parts from the roller for the side windows to the brake piston caliper.

According to Bermaz Auto Philippines, there are more than 400 units of first-generation MX-5 units still running around the country, and these will greatly benefit from the announcement of the restoration parts program.

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