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November 11, 2019

Volvo Philippines Expands Plug-In Hybrid Line-Up to 3 Models

In line with Volvo Cars’ goal of reducing its emissions by 50 percent in terms of global sales, Volvo Cars Philippines expands its T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid offering to now include the XC60, S90, and XC90.

Volvo’s Plug-in Hybrid cars deliver a no-compromise combination of plug-in battery electric power and an efficient petrol engine that provides low to zero tailpipe emissions. The additional electric motor supports the combustion engine for low carbon dioxide emissions, and when driven in Pure electric mode, it can allow people to commute with zero tailpipe emissions.

It also delivers excellent flexibility with three drive modes to choose from. Volvo drivers can glide through their day with zero tailpipe fuel consumption in Pure electric mode, zoom through it in Power mode, or maximize efficiency and range with Hybrid mode.

Combined electric and petrol power gives effortless performance and a smooth, refined drive in all conditions.

Volvo’s Twin Engine set-up means that the high voltage battery is positioned in the tunnel console for maximum safety, and also improved weight distribution that gives an enhanced driving experience.

The T8 Twin Engine Technology features Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) that propels the vehicle in electric mode, provides electric boost torque and power during acceleration, provides electric all wheel drive functionality, and performs brake energy recuperation.

Its crank-integrated starter generator (C-ISG) charges the battery while also acts as a starter for the combustion engine. It can support the combustion engine with electric boost power.

Volvo’s T8 Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrids also carry a high voltage traction battery to store energy. It receives energy from electric grid charging and also from regenerative braking of the vehicle or from the C-ISG. The high voltage battery delivers power for pure electric drive and also to run the electric air conditioning for pre-climatization of the passenger compartment.

The large battery gives an electric-only range of around 40 to 50 kilometers and can easily be charged at home or at a charging station. It’s also charged during driving every time you brake or slow down.

The hybrid range also enjoys an advanced cooling system. A base engine cooling circuit cools the C-ISG while one extra cooling circuit cools the ERAD and the power electronics. A second, extra cooling circuit, cools the battery in one of two ways; either passively, via the radiator, or actively, through integration with the car’s climate system.

The Volvo Philippines T8 Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid range started first with the S90, and now expands to both the XC60 and XC90 SUVs. Pricing for the T8 Twin Engine line-up is as follows:
  • Volvo S90 T8 Twin Engine - P 5,995,000
  • Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine - P 5,795,000
  • Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine - P 7,995,000

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