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November 21, 2019

Global NCAP Pushes to Make Anti-lock Brakes Standard on Motorcycles

The Global NCAP is telling vehicle manufacturers to employ more standard driver assist technologies which could help in reducing the risk of road crashes. This was done at their latest “#StopTheCrash” initiative which is done in support of the United Nations Global Goals and Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Home to the one of the largest, if not the largest, population of motorcycles (vis-à-vis GDP) worldwide, the Global NCAP is focused on curbing motorcycle-related crashes. With that in mind, the organization is hoping that more motorcycle makers would adopt Anti-lock Braking Systems or ABS as standard equipment.

Meanwhile, for four-wheeled vehicles, the Global NCAP is hoping that carmakers put Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), and Blind Spot Detection (BSD) as standard. Blind Spot Detection, in particular, has proven itself to protect drivers, riders, and other vulnerable road users.

“We put special focus on technologies that help protect motorcycle riders, systems like Blind Spot warnings for drivers and ABS for riders. These are especially important safety systems throughout the ASEAN region, where motorcycle and moped riders are disproportionately represented in road traffic crashes,” said David Ward, President of Global NCAP and Chairman of the Stop The Crash Partnership.

Previously, The Stop The Crash initiative pushed the Malaysian government to fit Electronic Stability Control as standard on all vehicles sold there since June 2018.

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