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November 15, 2019

Would You Have Walked Away From This Crash With Just Minor Scratches?

Subaru is pinning its entire brand image on one single message: safety. In fact, many consider them as the Japanese equivalent of Volvo. So what happens when you pour all that research and development into making your cars safer? You get to walk away from this dramatic accident.

A post in Motor Image’s Facebook page recounts a harrowing accident involving a fourth-generation Forester (SJ) and a truck at 140 km/h. From the post:
Our Malaysian customer Mr. Jacky Yew was involved in a serious accident earlier this month. We are extremely relieved to learn that the Forester owner walked away with superficial injuries on his right leg and would be able to proceed with his wedding at the end of the month. 
On November 6, 2019, the 30-year-old Mr. Yew was driving a fourth-generation Subaru Forester near Yong Peng, Malaysia. He was traveling on the extreme right lane, behind two trucks which were in the adjacent lane to his left. A tire on the first truck burst and flew off, causing the second truck to take evasive action. In doing so, the second truck served abruptly into Mr. Yew's lane. As Mr. Yew was travelling at about 140km/h, he could not brake in time and collided into the back of the second truck. 
Thankfully, because of the crash protection offered by the Forester, Mr. Yew walked away with only minor injuries on his right leg.
Mr. Yew believes that Subaru’s all-around safety saved his life. As a matter of fact, after his Forester was declared a total wreck, he bought the all-new, fifth-generation Forester.

“I may not have made it to my wedding on November 30 if I was not driving a Subaru Forester. I am glad I drive a Subaru and I am grateful it has saved my life. That is why I immediately placed an order for the new Forester, just two days after my accident,” said Mr. Yew.

Compared to the fourth-generation Forester, the all-new model, underpinned by the Subaru Global Platform improves crash impact absorption by 40 percent. Made of high-tensile steel formed by the hot press method, it will offer class-leading safety even by 2025.


  1. He did not brake in time? Maybe they need to work on their brakes lol..

    1. Maybe don't drive at 140 km/h so you can brake to full stop much faster? Tires also plays a major role in the braking distance.


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