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October 13, 2020

Ferrari PH Launches 2 Open-Top Supercars: the 2021 F8 Spider and 812 GTS

Motostrada Philippines, Inc. marks the arrival of two open-top supercars in the country, a clear design that they remain bullish despite the prevailing market conditions brought upon by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The first is the Ferrari F8 Spider, the open-top version of the well-received F8 Tributo mid-engined Ferrari V8 supercar. Designed by the Ferrari Styling Center, the F8 Spider features the most compact and efficient retractable hard top the company has ever made. The top takes just 14 seconds to deploy or retract and can be operated at speeds up to 45 km/h. Inside, the F8 Spider continues the F8 Tributo’s driver-oriented look, but boasts of new sports seats. 

Like the F8 Tributo, the F8 Spider uses the award-winning turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 engine putting out 720 horsepower and 770 Nm of torque. Among its unique features include a “Wall Effect” at the rev limiter that smoothly cuts out revs at exactly 8,000 rpm. The F8 Spider also features the latest Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer Plus which can selectively apply brake pressure to individual wheels. 

Meanwhile, for those who want nothing but the best, the Ferrari 812 GTS answers that call. The latest front-mounted V12 supercar from Ferrari, it also comes with a retractable hard top (with the same operating times of the F8 Spider). 

As the top-down version of the 812 Superfast, the 812 GTS features a 6.5-liter V12 producing a massive 800 horsepower and 718 Nm of torque. More than just peak power, 80 percent of its maximum torque is available at just 3,500 rpm improving both its flexibility and pick-up at low revs. 

Both Ferrari spider models come with Motostrada Philippines’s 7-year maintenance package. Available across the entire Ferrari range, the program covers all maintenance service for the car’s first seven years of life (no mileage restriction). Maintenance intervals are set every 20,000 kilometers or once a year.

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