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October 13, 2020

Varquez, Moreno Dominate in First Virtual Formula V1 Cup

Andre Varquez and Luis Moreno clinched the fastest times and were hailed as champions in Race 1 of Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup, broadcast at the Tuason Racing Facebook Page last Saturday, October 10.

Set in dry conditions, the Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup was packed with excitement from its 55-car field, with Varquez and Moreno standing out as they dominated in the PC-based Assetto Corsa software virtual race. 

Varquez set the fastest time in the AM Class, lapping the Monza racetrack in 02:01.782, while Moreno set a record of 02:01.785 in the PRO Class.

In the AM Class, driver Francis Metrillo grabbed 2nd place at the beginning of the 2nd lap and held his position until the end of the race. 

Meanwhile, Jether Miole and Real Lerpido were nose-to-tail towards the end of the 10th lap in the AM Class. Lerpido appeared in control, but Miole managed to sneak in at the last corner of the track, earning him 3rd place.

Spinning cars marked the start the PRO Class category. Despite jammed virtual cars, drivers managed to wiggle their way out of the chaos. 

Moreno started the grid in 2nd place, but despite the good start, he lost control in the 3rd as his car spun-out, allowing Iñigo Anton to seize his spot. A head-to-head battle between Moreno and Anton ensued from there until the 4th lap, but Moreno eventually clawed his way back to 2nd spot, with Russel Reyes keeping pole position until the beginning of the 8th lap.

It was now a 3-driver battle from there with Reyes, Moreno, and Anton dueling for the pole in the last two laps of the race, but Moreno made his move in the 9th lap by overtaking Reyes and taking the pole.

Anton’s aggressive driving had him hounding Moreno all the way to the finish, but the latter kept his hold on the lead and the victory with a winning margin of 5.561 seconds.

Anton was slapped a 5-second penalty during the 3rd lap due to a collision, but still managed to claim 2nd place, even as an accidental spin-out prevented Reyes from getting 3rd place, allowing Daryl Brady to take his spot.

Race 2 of the Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup will be held on October 17, 2020, to be broadcast again at the Tuason Racing’s Facebook page and TuasonRacingTV YouTube Channel.

This first homegrown virtual race series is backed by Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc., LG Philippines, BlueChem, Bendix, PC Express, Family Mart, and Don Papa.

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