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October 2, 2020

Ford PH Recalling Rangers, Everest for Automatic Gearbox

Ford issuing three separate recalls which affect most of its local line-up. The affected vehicles include the Thai-built Ranger and Everest, as well as North American built-up units such as the F-150, Expedition, and Mustang.

The first recall concerns Ranger pickup trucks and Everest SUVs equipped with the 2.0-liter bi-turbo diesel and 10-speed automatic transmission. These vehicles may experience the failure of transmission fluid pump gears, which can cause the loss of hydraulic fluid pressure in the transmission and result in a transmission malfunction and a loss of drive.

The fix will entail an update to the Transmission Control Module and Powertrain Control Module which will take about half a day.

The second recall affects multiple 2020 model year vehicles and is because of an intermittent rearview camera operation. According to the carmaker, these affected vehicles have insufficient electrical conductivity within the printed circuit board internal to the camera. Thus, the rearview camera may display a blank or distorted image.

Affected vehicles include the F-150, Mustang, and Expedition (Ford Philippines has since clarified that no Philippine market vehicle is affected by the recall).

The third recall affects the Mustang, which would fix a possible brake pedal fracture. Affected Mustangs are equipped with a brake pedal bracket that could fracture during sudden stopping. During a sudden stop, the driver may experience a loss of primary braking capability that could increase the risk of an accident.

Ford Philippines does not issue separate advisories regarding product recalls; however, they invite owners to check out the Ford Service Action Tracker. It will require owners to input their 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Ford reached out to us with the following statement:
Owners of affected Ranger and Everest vehicles in the Philippines have been notified and repairs are currently underway. The service required takes one half day and repair costs are covered by Ford.

Meanwhile, Ford Philippines will reach out to affected Mustang customers. During repair, dealers will replace the brake pedal bracket assembly. Alternatively, owners can also check the Field Service Action Tracker on the Ford website (see link above) to see if their vehicle is included in the recall programs. 

Ford vehicles in the Philippines are not affected by the recall program on intermittent rearview camera operation.


  1. transmission issues with the asian made Ford models? that's a surprise!

    - said no one ever.

  2. I notice on my Ford Ranger wildtrak is the reverse camera which supposed to appear images during reversing but lately I notice that even during forward motion it appears images in front

    1. That's not a defect...that's a feature for trailers. You can disable it by going to your Vehicle Settings and turning off the camera delay feature.

  3. Mine is everest bi-turbo. I entered the vin but nothing appeared if i have safety issues. How is this?

    1. Unfortunately, we can't help you there. Ford PH won't publicly release the affected VIN numbers...they simply direct owners to the said link on their site. As owners though, they said dealers will contact you separately or mail you a letter.

  4. just got the oil changed by the dealer on my ranger bi turbo engine about a month ago and driven it for 250 kilometers. The oil is so dark. Is this normal for this kind of engine?


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