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December 5, 2021

Philippine Spec 2022 Toyota GR86, Subaru BRZ Could Pack More Standard Horsepower

Toyota has revealed the final power and torque specs of its second-generation 86 (now called GR86) sportscar for the European market. And in a surprise, it actually makes slightly more power than its North American counterpart, and is a close match to its Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) version.

The European market 2022 GR86 (now stylized to remove the space between the GR and 86) makes 234 horsepower at 7,000 rpm—that’s up 6 horsepower from the North American market, and very close to the Japan model’s 235 horsepower figure. Peak torque is the same though at 250 Nm.

Aside from the additional displacement (the cylinder bores were increased from 86 to 94 mm), Toyota has revealed what they and Subaru engineers have done to the engine. 

The new 2.4-liter normally-aspirated unit features reduced weight thanks to thinner cylinder liners, an optimization of the water jacket, and a switch from aluminum to a resin material for the rocker cover. The connecting rods have been made stronger and the shape of the con-rod bearing and the combustion chamber have been optimized.

The engine’s breathing has also been improved with changes to the diameter and length of the intake manifold port, contributing to more linear torque delivery and acceleration. The air intake has been redesigned to optimize air flow. Further benefits are gained from a new fuel pump design, to ensure consistent flow when cornering, and a smaller high-speed water pump designed for performance at high speeds, with a better flow rate and reliability. A new water-cooled oil cooler has been added, while a thicker radiator structure has air guides to increase the amount of cooling air taken in.

In the exhaust system there is a new 5.6-liter center pipe which generates a satisfying “growl” under acceleration, augmented by an Active Sound Control system that transmits the sound of the engine to the cabin.

To combat noise and vibration, the GR86 has new aluminum, liquid-filled engine mounts and a revised, stiffer oil pan structure with a new cross-rib shape.

On the surface, this piece of news may have little significance for the Philippine market. However, for people in the know, both Toyota and Subaru (the makers of the GR86’s mechanical twin, the BRZ) closely follow the specs of European models for the local market. This could mean that both the Toyota GR86 and the Subaru BRZ would have higher standard horsepower than its North American counterparts when it debuts soon.

With the all-new 2022 Subaru BRZ expected to launch before the year ends, we’ll sure to have a definite answer by then. Keep your fingers crossed.

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