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December 5, 2021

This Toyota GR Yaris Uses Hydrogen As Fuel

Toyota is stuffing its experimental hydrogen-powered combustion engine into the GR Yaris. This as Toyota continues to believe in a multi-prong solution to achieving carbon neutrality.

The hydrogen-powered experimental GR Yaris features the same G16E-GTS turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-3 as the regular GR Yaris, but with a modified fuel supply and injection system that allows it to use hydrogen as fuel. Meanwhile, the hydrogen fuel tank and refueling process is the same as the Mirai, Toyota’s commercially available fuel cell electric vehicle.

While the hydrogen combustion engine technology is still in the early stages of conceptual development and experimentation, which started in 2017 and not yet ready for commercialization, this proof of concept shows that hydrogen could be quickly adapted to existing powertrain technologies.

Hydrogen combusts at a faster rate than petrol, resulting in good responsiveness whilst delivering excellent environmental performance. In addition to being extremely clean, hydrogen combustion has the added potential to relay a fun to drive experience with the acoustic and sensory sensations akin to internal combustion engines.

Toyota has already run a hydrogen-fueled racer at the Super Taikyu series in Japan to taste the experimental engine under the harsh environments of motorsports. Toyota is also part of a five-company consortium exploring ways to make internal combustion engines carbon neutral.

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