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December 5, 2021

The 2022 Yaris GR Sport Is A Sign That Toyota's Gazoo Racing Brand Is Out Of Control

Holy crap: Toyota’s continued Gazoo-fication is happening in Europe too. After launching the high-performance GR Yaris, they’ve come up with this: the 2022 Yaris GR Sport. Prepare to be slightly confused.

As with its Indonesian version, the placement of the “GR” is very important here. If the “GR” comes before “Yaris,” we’re talking about the homologated rally car. If the “GR” comes after the Yaris—as in the Yaris GR Sport—we’re talking about a slightly tweaked, slightly sportier version of Toyota’s B-segment hatchback.

Like most other models with the GR Sport badge, the changes to the Yaris GR Sport are mainly cosmetic. It now has a new front grille mesh insert, a T-shaped diffuser at the back, and 18-inch wheels with machined red accents. A new color, Dynamic Gray (seen in photos) joins the line-up.

Inside, it sports suede seats (similar to the Fortuner GR Sport and Hilux GR Sport) with GR branding on the steering wheel, headrests, starter button, and the start-up animation of the instrument cluster.

Engine-wise, Toyota’s kept the Yaris GR Sport the same as the regular version which means a choice between the 1.5-liter hybrid or 1.5-liter gasoline.

That said, the suspension has been tweaked. The shock absorbers have been optimized so that at lower speeds, they react quicker to offer improved steering response and ride comfort. Additionally, in the rear, the springs are optimized to suppress body tilt or wheel lift during acceleration and braking to ensure a smooth and Fun to Drive experience. The steering has also been updated to reduce steering delay and improve responsiveness. Additional underfloor braces on both ends enhances the car’s body rigidity, handling and stability.

The Yaris GR Sport will be available mainly in Europe from the second quarter of 2022. In ASEAN, we get something similar, while in Japan, they have this.

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