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December 14, 2021

Mazda Confirms MX-5 Getting An Update For 2022

Mazda has confirmed that another update of its MX-5 sportscar is on its way. The announcement, surprisingly, is posted on its official website.

Found at the MX-5 product page is the following text: “一部仕様を除き、現行モデルの販売の在庫は無くなりました。新モデルの発表は今冬を予定しております。詳細はマツダ販売店へお問合せください。” Running it through Google Translate, it reads: “Except for some specifications, the current model is out of stock for sale. The announcement of the new model is scheduled for this winter. Please contact your Mazda dealer for details.”

As you can see for yourself, the MX-5 is scheduled for yet another update for the 2022 model year (the lead photo shows the current 2021 model). So far, Mazda has nothing to formally announce yet, and this has caused the internet to blow up with all sorts of speculations.

At this point, we already know of one variant which the internet has started dubbed as the “ND3.” That would be the super lightweight (and likely Japan-exclusive) MX-5 S990.

Aside from this lightweight variant, according to this website, Mazda is poised to add a handling-related feature for 2022: Vehicle Attitude Stabilization Control.

Vehicle Attitude Stabilization Control allows the MX-5 to apply a minimal amount of brake pressure to the rear inner wheel when the it senses more than 0.3 G of cornering forces. It works to suppress wheel lift up and keep the vehicle flatter through the corners. The system is said to mimic the behavior of more complex adaptive dampers. Only here, it can be turned off completely by switching the DSC off.

Other than this new handling feature, people have begun speculating that the MX-5 might also be adopting some sort of mild-hybrid technology as well. While it is entirely possible, it’s more likely that Mazda will stick to its tried-and-tested powerplant engine and transmission line-up.

If they do decide to go the hybrid route though, the roadster already has the ingredients (it already uses the capacitor-based i-ELOOP). If ever they do electrify the roadster, it’s most likely a mild hybrid setup similar to the current M Hybrid.

With Japan now almost completely depleting their stocks of the MX-5, the wait for a refreshed 2022 model can’t be that long. And with that in mind, it could very well make its way to the Philippines in just a few months time.

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