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March 2, 2022

Mazda's Newest Signature Color Will Be A Special Shade Of White

Mazda’s newest special color is a new kind of white. The yet-unnamed shade will make its debut with the first-ever CX-60 on March 8.

The delicately reflective paint was crafted specially to highlight the beauty of the CX-60 through contrasting light and shadow. Perfect then to show off the strong personality of Mazda’s front-engine, rear-wheel drive SUV.

The subtle yet confident styling will represent the latest iteration of the Kodo design philosophy.

The exterior design is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic principle of ‘less is more’ and the concept of Ma – the calm and dignified beauty of empty space, creating a car that is subtle yet radiates a confident appearance.

Seen in profile, a bold flow of light coming from the roof end to the rear fender sweeps down like a strong line written by a Japanese calligraphy brush and plants the car firmly on the ground.

This, combined with the front opening shoulder line, creates the subtle movement on the side of the car that reflects the environment in a unique yet simple way, bringing the car to life.

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