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March 9, 2022

Suzuki PH Adds Fleet-Oriented Variants To Dzire, Carry

Suzuki Philippines Inc. is now making available fleet-oriented variants of its existing Dzire and Carry vehicles. These vehicles, the Dzire GA Taxi, Carry Ambulance, and Carry Lineman will be displayed at various dealerships nationwide until June 6, 2022.

A total of 18 dealerships across the metro will feature these three popular variants in their respective showroom displays for a total of one week each, in order for interested patrons to get a personal and up close look at two of the more sought after vehicles for hospitals and various businesses nationwide.

The Carry Ambulance, in large part due to its ability to accommodate and cater to numerous medical needs and requirements, has now become a staple in the medical field and a reliable partner for hospital nationwide. It comes in two variants – one without air conditioning, priced at P 398,000 and one with, priced at P 478,000. These prices will be billed on top of the P 554,000 unit price.

Meanwhile, the Carry Lineman, now considered mainstream in the business operations field due to its versatility, functionality, and cost-saving fuel efficiency, is priced at P 749,000 (P 554,000 unit price + P 195,000 accessory price). Accessories that come along with the Lineman include a cab connector, ladder rack, tool box, and mesh wire, among other things that could come in handy for a variety of purposes.

The creation of prototypes for the bodies of the Carry Ambulance and Lineman were made possible through the collaboration of Suzuki Philippines, Inc. and the Centro Manufacturing Corporation.

Lastly, the well-known Dzire GA Taxi, seen occupying most roads nationwide, now comes with P 31,000 worth of accessories including a CANBUS interface with wiring harness, taxi meter, LED “For Hire” sign, and top light. Interested buyers can bring home the coveted Dzire GA Taxi for a price of P 559,000.

“Suzuki is pleased to spearhead this initiative to have these utility vehicles visible and accessible to a wider audience and market, specifically for the more congested cities across the metropolitan area,” shared Mr. Keiichi Suzuki, SPH Vice President and General Manager for Automobile. “It is our hope to provide the highest quality and quantity of assistance needed for hospitals and businesses nationwide.”


  1. Dzire's efficiency is taxi worth since newer vios sucks gasoline like there's no tomorrow!

    1. Suzuki tends to go for a powertrain with low HP, decent torque, and long gear ratios paired with a very light chassis. Nothing fancy but real-world fuel economy and running costs on most of their models is a crowd pleaser. Just drive an Ertiga and an Xpander to see the difference in lightness and acceleration. Highway speeds suck though. But it's perfect for city driving.

  2. With the never ending increase of fuel prices (escalated all the more by the Russia-Ukraine conflict), car buyers will most likely sacrifice/ignore engine performance for the sake of fuel efficiency...

    1. Yes of course, they gonna do that because of the Skyrocketing Fuel Prices...

  3. But they must also improve the specs on Safety on Convenience BTW


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